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911 tribute to NYC lost firefighters

Put your foot down 206

…the last of my AccuQuilt dies have been brought home from the storage unit and put away. Individually they are not too heavy, a box full is more than I can handle. What do you do? Leave empty boxes behind and load them in the car a couple at a time. The SUV I was given at a rental is a little lacking of space.


Foundation paper piecing and Patchwork


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Thank you for dropping by. For more than half of my life I’ve been trying to recreate the feeling I felt sleeping under a quilt my grandmother made. That quilt, along with everything around me inspires my creativity, though the finish rarely resembles the inspiration. What inspires me always morphs into something different.
I’m a self taught quilter, a pattern designer and revels on pushing the boundaries of my ability and creativity. My patterns have been published in Annie’s Catalog as well as Island Batik fabric catalogs.
My husband of 31 years and I enjoy the solitude of living high above the Mississippi River and the nature around us.
Denise Looney
Denise Looney

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