Patchwork and foundation paper pieced quilt

Welcome to my stop on the Salt and Sand Blog Hop and Island Batik March Challenge finish.




  1. Happy 1 month birthday, Wesley! You and I are birthday twins. Your Grandma did a great job on your quilt! It’s just beautiful! I know “ tummy time” is hard, but soon you will be able to roll over and it will be all good.

    1. Happy belated bday to you. He actually does roll over, he gets mad and pushes himself up and rolls. He has done that several times. Thank you for the compliment and stopping by.

    1. Thank you, I do too. Since becoming and IBA the only non IB I’ve purchased is my wide backing. Trying to use up some of the older fabric is difficult when I have such great new fabric to work with.

  2. Wesley’s quilt looks amazing! I love how you see it from below the water line and for sure that is a great representation of that visual. The sun looks amazing. All the piecing is fabulous. Your next flying geese quilt looks wonderful also.

    1. Thanks Carla. I stopped by your blog last night, well all who shared yesterday. Was on my phone and didn’t take the time to comment but I’ll be there shortly. Sad you have a dry river bed but good for flood season.

  3. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I’m sure this is just the first of many projects he will be spoiled with. I love your fabric choices and placements.

    1. Oh I know. My son cried 24/7 for the first 6 months and for years I have cringed at babies crying. But his doesn’t seem to bother me.

  4. Beautiful finishes! Your composition on the sunshine and water quilt is amazing. I love how I see a picture but looking closer I see the individual blocks. Great work!

    1. Thank you. I played with colors a lot because I wanted the water around and under the sun to be lighter. As always i see things I should have done differently but still very happy with the finish.

      1. I’m not sure sure which is sweeter; Wesley or the incredible quilt you made for him. The fabric from IB is always perfect in your projects. I love my Accuquilt cutter, but think I have to get the Storm at Sea and Snails Trail BOB’s now ?

  5. Wow!! I love, love, love Wesley’s quilt! (not to mention Wesley himself–who can resist such a cutie pie?) The colors of the quilt and your design–awesome! I’m super impressed with your flying geese too. Those dies must help with precision–they look great!

    1. OMG, if you like flying geese you have to get this die. The only mistakes were human, not lining up the fabric completely over the shapes. There was absolutely no trimming of the finished geese blocks. Thank you for stopping by.

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