My favorite quilt

paper pieced pattern: flying geese pattern: quilt patterns: circling geese pattern: no curved piecing circling geese: red and white medallion quilt
Tree everlasting quilt

Once cutting is out of the way I can usually complete a top in 1 1/2 – 2 weeks with many completed in less than a week.  When I started planning my current project I wanted something that would take more time to finish. I had my medallion but what about the rest?

So you know that 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle? No, I didn’t count the patches but I may before its over. My husband shook his head and commented that I was adding more pieces to it. With each draft I added something else and why not? You either have to fill the empty spaces with color or with quilting  so it may as well be with color. It is possible I have completed other quilts with as many or more patches but offhand I can’t think of one.  This top will keep me occupied at my machine for days. Perhaps I should do some deep cleaning now because once I begin I will only stop for cooking, eating and sleeping, oh and then there’s work. It’s such an addictively healthy habit to have. There’s constant movement, I don’t snack, I eat very little at meals, you know…”I gotta get back in there to my machine”. And yet I don’t lose weight, how can that be?

I look forward to sharing my project in the days and weeks to come.


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