2nd entry for Bloggers Quilt Festival

Thank you to Cherie’s Quilting Journey  who is taking on this quilt as her first full paper pieced quilt.

This is my 2nd entry. If you haven’t visited and looked at all of the wonderful quilts I really recommend you do so. There are so many talented quilters who without this their work would not be shown. Bloggers quilt festival     

paper pieced pattern: flying geese pattern: quilt patterns: circling geese pattern: no curved piecing circling geese: www.fortheloveofgeese.com: red and white medallion quilt
Paper pieced For the love of geese quilt


The name of this quilt is For the love of geese. It is entirely paper pieced and quilted by me. I love the circling geese design however I really dislike curved piecing. Maybe its just me, perhaps I haven’t found the trick for piecing large circles without using pins to keep everything in place while I stitch. If there isn’t a drop of blood somewhere on the quilt, I didn’t complete it.  Fortunately, after butchering myself on a daily basis as a cosmetologist over the years I have gotten pretty handy at removing blood from fabric.

With that said, I created this pattern because I love flying geese, traditional and modern. After reaching the end of the flying geese internet and not finding a pattern for what I was looking for I set out on a new path. Sure I have taken blocks from modern quilt patterns and block patterns from previous generations and created quilts. But I had never designed the entire quilt. Many drafts and  3 tops  later For the love of geese was born. I’m not sure if everyone who drafts their own designs have a failure top or 2 like I do. It was worth all the fuss though.

My first entry is a red and white medallion quilt.

8 thoughts on “2nd entry for Bloggers Quilt Festival”

  1. Wow! What a striking quilt design! I agree that it was worth a couple of attempts, because you certainly got it right on this one. I love it!!


    1. Thank you. My first attempt the center didn’t fit so well. 2nd, I put a colored patch where a background patch should be but it went together so well. It was at that point I also thought I could sell the pattern. So I started over, snapped photos and kept a diary. 3rd time was the charm. Now I’m working on getting the quilt visible on the web which is why I entered it. Btw, it can be purchased on Craftsy.


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