Is it spring or fall

Its finally November and normally this time of year I would have a fire roaring in the wood stove. The inside temp would be a cozy 75-78 degrees and I would be struggling to find new ways to add humidity to the air.  Last week we had days that were below 30 in the early morning hours that struggled to reach 50 degrees before sunset. Yesterday my thermometer outside read 79 at 2pm. The next couple of days, Saturday 65 & 77 on Sunday. The warm weather can fool you but the fall colors remind me that its no longer summer when I look out the window. My home is surrounded by trees and would be a perfect landscape for an artist.  It wont be long this colorful display will be replaced by unsightly trees with barren limbs which is a reminder that snow will soon follow.

Its all worth it come spring when the showers will wash away all the grunge from a long winter. The trees will once again be full of varying shades of green and the air sweetened by honeysuckle. Until then I will continue to do what I do best.

My compass / wind rose quilt is coming along. My final set of blocks should be sewn onto the top before the weekend is over.

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