Virtual Cookie Exchange 12-5 / 12-7

Below is a list of bloggers who will  be participating in this years Virtual Cookie Exchange. I’m anxious to see how others prepare for this event and what surprises are in store for the 3 days. This being my first time, I hope I can measure up but if not, I’ll know what is expected of me next year.

The paper pieced block that I will be sharing with you all is nearing completion, I should have it done by tomorrow. If you have been contemplating the pattern For the love of geese but it just isn’t large enough for you, come back on Dec 7th and have a look at the block I am adding to the pattern. Then stay tuned for the updated quilt.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Cookie Exchange 12-5 / 12-7”

  1. Sounds like a very low key holiday season with your sciatica problems. Take it easy and feel better soon. Regarding your peanut brittle, when I was a child we had a neighbor who used to make it. His was my first and still my favorite. I keep trying for something close to as good and you are right there is no comparison to really home made brittle. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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    1. Very low key indeed. My peanut brittle will actually draw blood, it’s seriously like glass slivers yet melts in your mouth. I’ve had tough pb that sticks to your teeth and locks your jaws together. Now I wish I had posted that recipe as well. I’ll have to pull the recipe and post it.


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