“Baby steps”

Whoever coined the phrase “baby steps” when referring to recovery or learning a new task clearly understood how difficult either can be. For almost 2 months now I have been taking baby steps on my road to recovery. I’ve been a good girl by not lifting anything heavier than my Enzo and  I’ve been faithful with my stretching exercises. The most important lesson learned is to set time limits on activities that when performed over an extended period of time increases pain. It’s hard to imagine that sitting at my sewing machine and piecing table for 2 hours would create such pain and regret when  sitting in a wooden rocking chair with lumbar support for hours does not.  Leaning in and looking down onto my piecing table is unavoidable, okay maybe the leaning in part is.

I’ve stayed away from the quilt frame since stretching and twisting on my toes is what created this mess I am in.  The backing and batting for the Wind Rose quilt has been loaded since Nov 11th with the top thrown over the frame. So every day when entering or exiting my office I see the quilt, it demands my attention all day, I stare at it like a chocohaulic (which I am) would a bowl full of chocolate knowing they cant have it.  However this morning my will power went out the window, the top is now pin basted…applause! Baby steps…  It still needs some smoothing and re-pinned but I am a lot further along then I was when I made it my one monthly goal for November. Threads still need to be picked and trimmed from the top but I am so happy I had to share a photo.

#paperpiecing #flyinggeese #quilting
Wind Rose

My friend  Cherie (< <link to her site) who is a beginner paper piecer has been piecing my pattern For the love of geese.  She has done an amazing job, I have enjoyed following her progress and I love her gray border geese. I cant wait to see what she does with the quilting.

My next quilt project is up in the air. I find inspiration all over the internet and daily life.  My latest infatuation is long out of print books for their artwork and mosaic floors in the Sistine Chapel and Westminster Abbey. My husband tells me I will look at anything as he shakes his head and glances towards the computer monitor which pretty  much sums things up. He understands the mosaics but not the old books. There really is no limit for me when searching for inspiration. With the vast amount of public domain books and artwork available that can be turned into quilts you are only limited by your ability and imagination. Prior to looking at photos of the before mentioned mosaics I always assumed flying geese were just quilt patterns and circling geese had been created by quilters, however this is not the case.  The triangle in a rectangle that we quilters call flying geese pre-date the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey.


2 thoughts on ““Baby steps””

    1. Thank you, I will definitely have to set a time limit for quilting. Cooking dinner is the longest I’ve stood without sitting since Nov and that’s only been in the last week.


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