Sew along-paper pieced quilt

Sew along with me for the next 5 months. Feb 14th will be the beginning of my sew along. Each pdf will be available for download for 1 month for free, then taken down on the 14th of the next month when a new download is added.
There will be 4 blocks to make in February and 4 blocks to make in March. April will be just 1 block so that will be a good time to catch up if you fall behind on the previous months blocks. May and June will both be border block months. If you complete the top as pictured the pre-quilted/pre-laundered finished size is 69″ x 69″.
This quilt is fat quarter friendly, strip friendly and scrap friendly. A few months ago I purchased some Marcus Fabrics New Aged Muslin fat quarter bundles and have been saving them for the perfect project and for me, this is it.
If you modify my pattern by changing border blocks or adding to it to make a larger quilt I would love it if you shared a photo with me. If you don’t know me, I’ve been known to combine patterns from different quilts to suit my own likes and needs. Yes, I have purchased patterns just for 1 or 2 blocks.

The Mosaic Quilt was inspired by a Roman Mosaic Floor dated  150-200 AD. It caught my eye because of all the flying geese. I wonder, did the Romans who constructed this piece even consider its life beyond the 2nd century, did they give any thought to how long it would last? Did Roman slaves construct it or a skilled worker who traveled around Rome or a local craftsman? The answer would most likely be found online but what would be the fun in that? As with previous quilts, while I am piecing this the possible answers to these questions and many more will be played out in my imagination.

If you have ever pieced flying geese traditionally, the number of geese involved in this quilt would be enough to scare you away. Fortunately they are paper pieced. You will have to trust me when I say paper piecing flying geese will be like entering a new dimension.  The great thing about this or any quilt I have been designing is, there is no precutting those tiny pieces unless you just want to, I do not want to. When I design a quilt I keep in mind that I want manageable strips of fabric for piecing so I don’t have to pre cut hundreds of pieces no matter how small or large they may be. You will still need to cut strips unless you use jelly rolls. You will stitch a strip to the paper, trim the excess strip off. Then  the next time you use this strip, just rotate the strip for best fit, stitch and trim. There is less waste this way. Make sense? If not it will when I share the photos.

So I hope you’ll join in and share your progress and photos with me.

#flyinggeesequilt #flyinggeesepattern #flyinggeese #quiltpatterns
Mosaic Quilt

10 thoughts on “Sew along-paper pieced quilt”

    1. Flying geese are definitely a challenge. I have made them every way possible. But by far, paper piecing them is the best and most accurate way. I hope you join in and conquer these beasts. Thank you for linking to my site and I will visit you today when I have more time.


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