Wind Rose quilting complete

Enzo1It’s just too cold outside to hang this for photos. This quilt is definitely Enzo approved. After I removed it from the frame I laid it on the floor face down for photos. Before I could get my camera ready Enzo had already struck a pose. After my photos I put him outside, threw the quilt over the couch for front view photos. He came back in and while I was adding wood to the stove he had claimed his spot again, love this guy.

Enough about him. This quilt is full of feathers, some look nice, some I am not happy with but I am still learning. The backside of a quilt is always my favorite to look at, like I said, I laid it on the floor face down  first. Technically I’ve been quilting on a frame for a little over a year. But if you subtract the 6 months I owned a pos long arm from a no name company I haven’t been quilting very long. The first LA was full of mismatched parts and there was a constant tension issue. At first I thought it was me, the manufacturer wasn’t any help, so I set out to find others who also owned this machine. Trust me people when I say take negative reviews to heart.  The tension issues have since been fixed by a group of persistent ladies, again with no help from the manufacturer. Fortunately though I had an opportunity to purchase a hand guided Gammill with a 12′ frame reasonably and I just could not pass it up. There have been no issues with this machine and I have quilted several, large and small quilts with it. Now that I have the correct tools to work with I can only improve from here.

We live in an earth home and the only windows are southwest facing. Its cold and dreary outside today so taking photos was near impossible. But I was and am so excited to finally finishing up I had to share it with someone.  The weather will warm and the sun will eventually come out from behind the clouds and better pictures will follow. Stay warm.

9 thoughts on “Wind Rose quilting complete”

    1. Mine too. Enzo has been involved from start to finish on every quilt for the last 6 years. He has his own pieced batik cushion cover he lays on while I am sewing. Unless he is laying behind me in the chair, lol. Another we had could care less what I was doing. Once in a while she would come to check out what the fuss was about, but only after Enzo.

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  1. I had to go look up what an earth house was – how cool is that!! If I lived in Tornado Alley, I would definitely want to live in one of them!! OK, I’d like to build one where I live right now! So glad you are happier with your Gammill…before I bought my Innova I was looking at Gammill machines. It really stinks that people get roped in to buying an inferior product and then have to fight the dumb machine to do anything…makes you think you can’t quilt when it is the machine that is a piece of garbage. My first feathers make me cringe now, but after lots of drawing them, I have gotten them pretty much down! I love that there are so many kinds of feathers and different ways to do them. Love your quilt and your model!


    1. My model is awesome, I’m a little partial though. Yes the house is great, its cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Under the wood floor and ceramic tile it is concrete. The wood stove keeps the floors warm. When it starts to turn cold outside of course the concrete gets cold. But after a couple days of firing up the stove the warmth penetrates the concrete throughout the house. Well…except for my bathroom floor that is cold year around which isn’t good in the winter. On the other hand, if you suffer hot flashes just step on that floor without socks and it will cool you down. We are far enough off a dead end road that even if we had an above ground home we wouldn’t have road noise. It has to rain very hard or be very very windy, an airplane or a helicopter flying over before we hear any outside noise. The jennywren in the summer outside our bedroom window will wake you. We are surrounded by trees and the wind is a little frightening. Back in July there was a strong storm that hit us, the wind and hail woke me at 3am. While standing in the window watching the tree tops against the skyline I noticed a tree coming towards our home. Luckily it fell against instead of on. The wind with all the trees have been a concern to me. Right after we purchased the home we had an earthquake and I had only experienced one other earthquake prior. They were both small quakes but i think it was felt more in the earth home. Dishes were clanging and pictures on the wall were lopsided after. With the above grade home it felt more like weak floors and big trucks rumbling by. The machine makes a huge difference. I just have to learn to stop and turn off the machine instead of deciding which way to go with it running. With this quilt I did catch onto that trick or necessity.


  2. Windrose is gorgeous!! Such a labor of love I’m sure! Seems like Enzo approves!! The quilting looks very nice! Congrats on the finish!


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