Sunbonnet Sue

#paperpiecing #quilting

Here’s an old one I just located a picture of. I “think” I ended up going back in and appliqueing  the squares to the sashing to break up the dark floral print. What else can you do when you have it completed and realize it just doesn’t look right? Unpicking stitches isn’t my thing. Sorry for the dark grainy photo, had I known I would end up using it here all these years later I would have tried a little harder with lighting.

My hubby laughs at me, I take photos of blocks and finished quilts then sit and stare at the photos. There have been many blocks I’ve followed my photo routine with and have come back and changed something, improved it. There have also been many that I scrapped and started over. First I take photos of the blocks from different angles and lighting with my smart phone, then I retreat to my office and relax.

My office, a late 1800’s pedestal soaking tub. This was a housewarming gift of sorts from my husband. Actually I think it was more of a thank you for agreeing to his new shed.
Whaaaa, you didn’t think I would post one of the tub while I was occupying did you?

This is his favorite story to tell everyone, “I opened the door and she is laying in the bathtub staring at quilts on her phone.” LOL.

It’s been so long since I have done applique and this is most likely the last applique quilt I ever completed.  There is a stack of Sunbonnet Sam blocks patiently waiting for me to do something with.

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