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Modern Geometric Three Color Quilt Pattern, pattern by Geta’s Quilting Studio Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to 3 colors though I wish I had.
This pattern was easy and so much fun to make. Her patterns are clearly written, nice photos and very thorough. It was one of the earliest quilts I had loaded on my frame and I really struggled with a quilt design. Finally I settled on spirals and feathers. Inside the blocks are square spirals and the border is feathers. It is also a good pattern if you have a lot of scraps laying around that you want to use up.
This is one pattern I may have to revisit now that my quilting ideas are expanding.

Everything is laid out for my next quilt and I can hardly wait to get started. Unfortunately, the USPS doesn’t share in my excitement or they would come on with it already. I love the convenience of shopping for fabric online but you really have to know what you are looking for. Such as the manufacturers item number. It only takes one $200 mistake to learn your lesson. The first time I purchased fabric online was not with great end results. The colors blended very well on the computer screen but when I opened the package…what was I thinking? After that I limit myself to purchasing only solids and muslin online. However I no longer buy muslin online because the local shop I frequent the most began carrying the brand I like.

Most of the quilts I make the tops are pieced with muslin. Unbleached muslin is right up there with flying geese at the top of my list. Not all muslin is created equal though and if you have ever held it up to the light and there wasn’t much difference between it and gauze you are truly missing out. Choice Fabrics makes a 200 thread count(at least that is what the label states) natural or unbleached muslin that is wonderful. I’ve used it with batiks on my tops and regular quilters cotton and have never been disappointed. My scrap pile also remains small. If you try the muslin please let me know how you like it.

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