Busy busy weekend

The giveaway

Last week I shared my Island Batik/AccuQuilt finish and I also had a drawing for 10″ squares of Mesa Verde for US residents. For everyone else the drawing was a free pattern, unfortunately there were no entrants from other countries. There were still 2 names drawn.

The winners

10″ squares- Wehaf

Pattern- Gene Black. Since I knew Gene would rather have fabric I gave him a choice. He could either have scrap fabrics of Mesa Verde or a pattern of his choice.

Congrats to you both!!! I will mail your packages this week.

What’s under my needle and upcoming

It was a productive weekend in my sewing room and I suspect it will get busier. The governor of Illinois has ordered everyone to wear a mask beginning May 1st.  An old friend asked for a couple masks and as long as I have scrap fabric I will continue to make and give them away. I’ve decide once these mask designated fabrics are gone I will make a choice to either not make anymore masks or to order more batiks and start charging for them.

May is a blog hop month for Island Batik and my day to share is May 7th. The theme of the hop is a home decor item which I struggled with, a lot. Home decorating is not my thing because there are more important things to do than clean. If I hang it I have to clean it. One of my sisters thought that was the funniest thing the first time I told her why I didn’t have pretties hanging and sitting around. Anyway, the May project is complete, no sneak peaks. Well okay, just a couple.

see disclosure

designed by Kathy Engle


islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, paperpiecedquilt, hexiquilt, paperpiecedhexiquilt

islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, paperpiecedquilt, hexiquilt, paperpiecedhexiquilt

islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, paperpiecedquilt, hexiquilt, paperpiecedhexiquilt

The June challenge is a free month, our choice and I got a start on it. The fabric I chose to use is Petal Pushers and I had 1/4 yard cuts along with IB gray solid.


islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, batikquiltingfabric, fortheloveofgeese, paperpiecedquilts,

The fabrics I started with.islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, batikquiltingfabric, fortheloveofgeese, paperpiecedquilts,

The collection.

See others I join weekly below.


  1. I get it! No knicknacks, less dusting, more time for sewing. 😀 Love all the fabrics, looking forward to seeing what you eventually came up with. Thanks for linking up with the Chameleon’s Colour & Inspiration party!

  2. I hope our Mayor will also implement it mandatory to wear a mask while out! I know I’m going to be wearing mine still as I would sure rather be safe than sorry,

    1. Beginning tomorrow it will be mandatory state wide here in Illinois. I fear this will be the new norm for a while here in Southern Illinois. We are closer to St Louis and it really hasn’t hit there yet. Missouri governor issued stay at home after Illinois and they are beginning to open the state back up. Judging by the way it took Chicago and surrounding subs St Louis hasn’t seen anything yet and I am a StL suburb. Stay well

    1. They are so rich. I’ve been sitting here this morning looking at them and wondering what kind of Christmas themed project I could make to finish off the bundle.

  3. Can’t wait to see what you do with Petal Pushers! I also have a FQ bundle of those and I’ve been saving them for something special–no idea what that something is yet 🙂

    1. I have been saving them too. Change of plans on my project though, I think I am going to save the design to submit for catalog. But I “think” I will still use the same fabric. 🙂

    1. Mask making had gone quiet for me. It has actually been fun adding a mask here and there while working on other projects. I may miss them when its all over.

  4. So…maybe a Christmas/winter decoration? Funny! Love the colors for your other project. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

    1. That’s what I thought too and almost made a tree skirt. Fortunately my home is mostly earth tones and this collection blends well. The new project, at the risk of sounding conceited it had me drooling yesterday. The design turned out WAY better than I ever dreamed it would.

  5. Hi Denise! Oh, thanks for the update about masks being required in Illinois. I knew the stay-at-home order was extended but hadn’t heard about the mask requirement. I work in IL and I may be asked to return to work soon, in spite of the order. I wouldn’t bring a mask with me while driving in my car – I would only walk to the building and then there would be just a few of us spread throughout a huge building. I sure wouldn’t want to get pulled over for no mask! You have some fun projects coming up, and having a productive weekend was fun, wasn’t it?!! Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I dont think they would pull you over if you weren’t wearing one, lets hope not anyway. When I went to the grocery store Friday eve there were many husbands in vehicles. I assumed they refuse to wear a mask so it was up the wives. I was one of those wives. When he dropped me at the door, while tying my mask he asked if I had my pistol and said he’d keep the engine running. lol, he can be funny sometimes. It was great staying busy but it was also very relaxing.

  6. Thank you so much, Denise. I will enjoy the fabric.
    I am excited to see what you are creating with the Petal Pushers fabric. I love the colors and patterns in that line.
    As for the home decorating, I agree with you. More things to clean mean less time to play and create!

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