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It’s been a little crazy the last couple of months around my sewing room.  But I’ve  found my new sewing rhythm to include the Island Batik monthly challenges. It involves joining more blog hops and a quilt along with Pamela Quilts.

Most of my finishes I cannot yet share so my posts have been limited. The hops and qal are to provide content  between the IB challenges.

The qal is Seashore Splendor and the blocks we have made so far. I’m using left over yardage from Tulip Mosaic. 

See my oops in the boat block, lol? I like it though.  If you’re looking for a laid back qal to join this may be for you and it’s not too late to join in. You can find more information on Pamela Quilts by clicking the link above.



As a rule I complete one quilt before beginning another and that hasn’t changed with the exception of the qal. In the coming months I will be sharing with you my first seasonal/holiday themed mini. I created the pattern out of necessity for the, “Be a Diamond” blog hop (not a seasonal hop) hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. My day to share is the last day, the 26th. FINISHED


May 6th I will be sharing with you my Island Batik Challenge, Make it Modern. I’ll give you hint, the quilt has flying geese. This quilt was fun to create and is the first quilt I’ve made with a black background and batting. FINISHED


May 11 I am participating in another blog hop, Christmas Rappers. The hop is to showcase the great patterns, both applique and paper pieced offered in the book, Christmas Rapping by Margaret Brewster Willingham and Nan Baker. The quilt I chose to make is Miracle at the Manger.  It incorporates applique, reverse applique, paper piecing and traditional piecing. FINISHED



June’s Island Batik challenge is “Try It” and have made a pillow sham . I’m thinking about adding another small new to me technique.

islandbatik, islandbatikambassador


July is all about Aurifil Thread…I can’t wait to share this finish with you.  It is a very feminine mini.

fortheloveofgeese. islandbatik, islandbatikambassadors, aurifilthread, hobbsbatting, paperpiecedquilt, solomonstemplepaperpieced, accuquilt

In the middle of my July project my BL machine decided to throw an F02 code and would not do anything. The needle goes up and down  intermittently on its own but does nothing when I try to sew. And I can’t make the needle stop. My July challenge was to include zigsag stitching and since the Juki is only straight stitch I pulled my Singer 500a out of retirement only to discover it did not want to sew properly either.

Because I cant justify purchasing a new machine only for zigzag stitches I turned to ebay where I purchased a used machine. It arrived yesterday. I knew as soon as the mailman set the box down this was not going to be good.

See how the corners are rounded in the photo on the left? The only words I have for the right photo is, this is where the mailman sat it down. Before I did anything else I grabbed my phone to document the opening. The flaps had not been fully taped down and I could hear the machine bouncing around when I moved the box. It was also missing the sewing table.

Who sells a sewing machine and wraps this poorly for shipping from Ut to Il? The wrapping of the machine inside the case was not much better.

I immediately sent the seller these photos. They advised me to start a return through ebay and they would issue a full refund. The machine was back at the post office within 2 hours. Additional bubble wrap was added. Typically I think the best of people until I am proven wrong.  Looking at the case in the sellers photos and this case, (even  if it were not broken) do not look the same.  The location of the broken pieces do not fit with the “busted while shipping” theory. The rattling in the top of the machine is still a mystery. Since the seller offered a refund there was no need to investigate further.

With all that said, I am in the market for a used machine that will sit in the corner  for the rare occasion I need more than a straight stitch. My heart is still fixed on a Bernina 830 Record. Perhaps closer to home.

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    1. LOL yes, I’m trying to finish August so I can work on the July QOV quilt. The August quilt will pretty much finish up fabrics from my Jan box other than the surprise and 5″ strips. Needless to say I can’t move on until the July box. But I have other projects in mind.

  1. Wow you sure are busy! You’ve made more progress than me on the Island Batik challenges! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. You certainly are busy! You’ve made more progress than I have on the Island Batik challenges. So sorry about your machine! I hope you find a used one soon. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. Yes I have been. I’m working on my August challenge now and I have a quilt on the frame. Everything else on that list is done.

  3. The shades in your Seashore Splendor blocks are lovely! I also like the boat block, very much 🙂 So sorry to hear about the machine. Hopefully you will find one very soon and it will be a much better experience. Have fun with the blog hops and the QALs.


  4. oh dear. A Bernina 830 record will be so solid and last for years.My Mum had a Bernina, about 1951 new, gave it to me some years later, I traded it in when it was 30 years old,my next one, still going well at 29 years. ( given to our younger daughter for heavy farm mending) and my current one, a QE 440, still very heavy. and solid too. Thank goodness you could return and get a full refund.

    1. Full refund already received. Guess what, I bid on 2 more Bernin’s hoping to get one and won both. Fortunately they were different models. The 2nd was delivered to today and both were packaged to perfection. I cant wait to test the 830 this evening. p.s. I love Dione’s site.

  5. Wow! You have a great lineup of shares coming for us. 🙂 I bought a featherweight through ebay several years ago – I see I really lucked out with the outcome!

    1. I hope you’ll come back to see all of the finishes. The 2nd time around with machines from ebay turned out better. I was bidding on 2 machines hoping I would win one, I won them both. grins. The first arrived and I couldn’t believe the difference in packaging. The second machine is scheduled for delivery today and I suspect it will arrive pristine as well.

    1. Oh yes I have and my table is currently covered with fabric and blocks. You should go check out the qal.

  6. I had a similar situation several years ago after buying a vintage machine from an eBay store. The banged-up box and rattling sound were disturbing, so like you, I started taking pictures before I opened the box. It was a coffin-top Singer. The top and the wooden base were shattered, and the motor was broken in two! The packaging was flimsy at best — crumpled newspaper only. The seller wasn’t the owner of the machine, and denied any responsibility. EBay wasn’t cooperative, either, nor was PayPal. I was very bitter and never bought another thing on eBay. I’m so glad you’ve had a much better response from your seller!

    1. That’s awful, I think it happened a lot in the past and they have changed it up a bit. If the machine didn’t have a rattle and the sewing table wasn’t missing most likely I would have chalked it up to a learning experience. After all, I didn’t make the purchase for the case. But I couldn’t see spending $100+ on a presser foot (it wasnt included in purchase) only to discover the machine was busted too.

  7. I love seeing what you are doing and so impressed with how far ahead you are on your Island Batik projects. I am sorry you had a bad experience on Ebay, and hope you find a machine soon. I have rethought the need for an “over the top” bernina – I have a 440 which I love. I think since I will soon have a Simply Sixteen Handi quilter, I can get a good machine but not have to worry about throat size – should save a little money on that hunt!

    1. I love my Juki. When I purchased it I had done a lot of research on machines because I knew it would be hard finding one I loved as much as the 500a. The throat size was the selling point for the Juki for sure and I was not disappointed at all. The Singer is a great machine and still sews a beautiful straight stitch but I can’t figure out why the decorative stitches are so funky. Update on my search, I was bidding on 2 machines hoping to get 1 and I won them both. Not sure how I will explain the purchases to dh. Congrats on your LA. If you’ve been fmq on your domestic you are in for a huge treat.

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