Bloggers quilt festival

I would like to thank Amy’s Creative Side for hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I can only imagine the  fore thought  and organizing that went into the planning.

There were many beautiful quilts entered by creative people and congrats to everyone. Some of the color combinations were mesmerizing and it left me wishing for more in that aspect. Combing colors is not my strong suit. Years ago, 32 years ago to be exact I learned to knit. When I chose my colors for my sweater I chose green and purple. Keep in mind, this was before green and purple were acceptable to put together. Several people told me “ewe green and purple don’t match”.  Today, these 2 colors are frequently placed together.  If they didn’t belong together mother nature wouldn’t have paired them. They are still 2 of my favorite color combos today.

Also,  I would like to thank all of the sponsors for the event. Especially Moda Fabrics as I was the winner of a fat quarter bundle.  The response and compliments I received on my two quilts were very encouraging.

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