Burgoyne Surrounded quilt

k vertigo

The simplicity and contrast of two color quilts have always drawn my attention. The only thing simple about this Burgoyne Surrounded quilt was choosing my fabric. There is an ever growing oops pile accumulating on my cutting and piecing tables.

k vertigo

After a quick google and pinterest search for patterns and inspiration I was really disappointed. There aren’t many design or layout options for this quilt. Is this not a popular quilt to make? Being the type who cannot leave well enough alone I had to modify the block. There is nothing wrong with being different right? So I hope it comes together as planned and I look forward to sharing my progress. Don’t hold your breath for a pattern or tutorial anytime soon though, I’m winging it.

k vertigo

My current goal is to use up all of the fabrics in my scrap drawer before purchasing more. Because mistakes happen when cutting I chose the fabric I had the most of which happens to be the green I used in Nostalgia Twist. 

At the moment I am planning on nine 16″ blocks and I will set this on point to form a square in a square. Most likely it will grow.

The smallest blocks are 2″ square and the smallest patches are 1″ square. These are the smallest I have pieced without paper. There’s a lot of squaring up to be done. No pun intended.

k vertigo


  1. I can’t wait to see. As soon as I saw the quilt you were doing it jogged me back to before my mom passed away. I had this pattern in an Eleanor Burns book I think and took it to visit my mom and we decided then and there to make it together for Quilts of Valor. We did and I gave it away not knowing that it would be the last thing my mom and I ever made together. I am sure however you make it, it will turn out lovely.

    1. Awe thank you so much. I have a quilt my mom made and gave to me for my son. But I also have the first quilt I ever decided I would hand piece, a Drunkards Path that after the first few blocks I gave up. LOL. My mom finished piecing it for me. Its in my cedar chest still folded as it was the day she finished it. I’ve been thinking about pulling it out and quilting it. We lost her back in January and its amazing how the value skyrockets after ones passing.

  2. I like green and white, so I’m sure I’ll love this quilt! And my mind busily thinks of things to do with your mistakes. =)

    1. Other than my graph paper drawing for dims its all up in the air. I hope its not a waste of fabric.

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