I have them all around me, 85 to exact and cut out by hand. Ouch my fingers hurt and I still have indents from the scissors to prove it.

An old friend of mine asked if I would make baby quilts for his new grandchildren on the way. For days I played around with designs but that is just going to take more time than I have.

Google and I made fast friends except he kept showing me butterflies. There’s only one sure and quick way to make butterflies and that’s appliqué. So I downloaded templates from Favequilts and away I went.

You might remember my fabric pull from yesterday but if not here’s a photo.


Today I began playing with placement. I really love the sample quilt on Favequilts but for me the corners were too bare. I’ll decide what to with the corners later.

I thought I had 3 pretty balanced stacks of colors. When I stepped back to judge what I had going there were just too many colors for one top. Back to sorting butterflies.

Here is where I left it this evening.

Perhaps the pinks in the corners on this one?

With all this indecision I’m making this my One Monthly Goal for January. To complete all  tops.


  1. How fun this will be! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

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