Toying with ideas

Saturday while loading my backing onto the frame for the Wind Rose quilt I somehow irritated my sciatica nerve. Ironically 22 years ago Saturday I was in an automobile accident. The impact pushed my hip out of rotation and played havoc on the sciatica nerve. Fortunately since then I have only irritated it twice. Needless to say, I wont be quilting until the pain subsides. Thank you TP Rose, yes his name is etched in my memory and he is responsible for many of the aches I suffer today. If he has an ear drum left I’d be surprised,  I cuss  him frequently.

Saturday and Sunday both I played around with some ideas for my next quilt, what better way to spend the day? Because stars and geese go well together I sketched a few ideas.  I also visited The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library looking for inspiration. This is where I found the map that contained the wind rose from my last quilt. That search took me to Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows. Not that I want to make a stained glass quilt, although many would make gorgeous quilts, I was mainly looking for layout ideas. Note to me: revisit that idea at a later time.  His Saguaro window caught my eye not because of the layout, but because it could easily be made into  a quilt with little changes.

I wish I had more to share with you today , just know I have plenty of time to work on my next project and I will be sharing that soon enough.

Is it spring or fall

Its finally November and normally this time of year I would have a fire roaring in the wood stove. The inside temp would be a cozy 75-78 degrees and I would be struggling to find new ways to add humidity to the air.  Last week we had days that were below 30 in the early morning hours that struggled to reach 50 degrees before sunset. Yesterday my thermometer outside read 79 at 2pm. The next couple of days, Saturday 65 & 77 on Sunday. The warm weather can fool you but the fall colors remind me that its no longer summer when I look out the window. My home is surrounded by trees and would be a perfect landscape for an artist.  It wont be long this colorful display will be replaced by unsightly trees with barren limbs which is a reminder that snow will soon follow.

Its all worth it come spring when the showers will wash away all the grunge from a long winter. The trees will once again be full of varying shades of green and the air sweetened by honeysuckle. Until then I will continue to do what I do best.

My compass / wind rose quilt is coming along. My final set of blocks should be sewn onto the top before the weekend is over.

Wind Rose corner blocks

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1/2 of the Wind Rose corner

So I am moving right along with my Wind Rose border. This is the triangle border  block I was talking about in my previous post, (just 1/2 of it) the other half is a mirror image of this block. I love flying geese and I love to stretch and distort them to create depth and movement, or I think it does anyway. The end result is always the same though, you still have the nice pointed corner and crisp lines, its still recognizable.

Hopefully I will have these blocks sewn onto the medallion tomorrow and can finish it up before the weekend. This is where I am so far.

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Copyright infringement

Edited. Day of the computer has created sooo many lazy people. People who are too lazy to read and those who attempt to speed read and miss vital information necessary for fully understanding what they are reading. And why not? I am guilty of this myself after I have read through the first 50 returned results of millions. For instance, search the word “key”. That simple word pulled in “about 2,560,000,000 results”. Often I have discovered new found interests and loves simply because Google has pulled in results completely unrelated to what I am actually searching for. Now unless you speed read you will never find what you are looking for quickly and you rarely ever see in one sitting .000001% of the returns. This makes speed reading a valuable asset if you can do so with some accuracy.
Unfortunately we apply this same speed reading talent when and where we should not. Perhaps out of habit. Just think of the legal ramifications of not reading a binding contract thoroughly.
So…yesterday after a couple hours of searching copyrights for my upcoming quilt I decide to check my Facebook page. I belong to several groups and I posted the pattern For the love of geese for sale. In one of the quilting groups that I belong one member accused me of copyright infringement. Another member had commented an hour or so before I noticed this and she informed her that it was my pattern. After asking why this was in violation of copyright I told her it was my pattern and I had drawn the pattern myself. Several things were going through my mind, had my testers released the pattern as their own?
She did remove her comment but she also lashed out at me. First of all I was embarrassed because there are thousands of members in this group, none who know me personally and frankly I was a little mad. Had she read the post, or the comments this could have been avoided. She assumed that I was offering to download and/or copy someone else’s pattern and sell it to others. If she had read the post and comments , looked on Craftsy and this blog she would have clearly seen the same name on all three. Personally I would not make a slanderous accusation without first doing my homework. If I had made a false accusation, I would own up to my mistake and apologize instead of lashing out at the innocent person.
The point I am trying to make. Please, please read everything fully. If its worth your time to comment it deserves to be read completely. She very well could have started a rumor that will possibly ruin me before I ever get a start. That is wrong in so many ways. Your actions may just cost you a current or future friend.
To those of you who read this yesterday, I apologize. The post was meant to be a private draft, to come back to today for editing with a clear mind.
As a pick me up after that downer I will bless you with The Enzo on his groomers baby quilt. Enzo

Sweet dreams and bye for now. Denise

We are our own worse critic

strip pieced quilt

We are our own worst critics. So often I begin a project with fabrics that look well together when laying alongside one another and only after the quilt is finished do I wonder “what was I thinking”? Honestly, this happens with every quilt with the exception of 2. You cant go wrong with a 2 color quilt.. The other, the whole time I was piecing it my nose was curled and I questioned myself. It was only after the top was completed that I truly appreciated the colors and placement.
If fabric choices arent tough enough, what about piecing? Perhaps the lines dont exactly meet, we have all had this happen. One of my sisters will tell me, “if you didnt point it out I wouldnt have noticed or no one will notice but you”. That is reasuring as long as it takes my husband to walk into the room. He has an eye for noticing those little mistakes that “no one will notice”, lol. He has noticed things that I as the assembler did not see.
We have all at one point fudged a seam. We have either neatly puckered or stretched a seamline to make the points meet. Ideally we dont want to do that but the thought of ripping out all those stitches is so depressing. More often than not the problem isnt with the piece you are stitching, it may be several seams ago or several blocks ago and when you start ripping seams you may undo more than half of what you have completed before you find the issue. Two words, paper piecing. With traditional piecing there is very liitle room for error. With paper piecing, as long as you position your fabrics correctly, stitch on the line and match your points when joining blocks you will spend your time stitching instead of ripping. With paper piecing you can see where you went wrong before it’s too late.
Remember Elmers washable school glue? Turns out it is good for more than coating your fingers to watch it dry and peel off so you can admire your fingerprints. If you place a tiny dot of glue inside the 1/4″ seam allowance then dry with an iron you will discover you have fewer shifting pieces. The number of dots to place really depends on the length of the seam you are stitching. For a patch that is 3″ long you could get by with 2 dots. Stay at least 1/2″ away from corners and within the 1/4″ seam allowance. The size of the dot…well grab a sharpie fine tip permanent marker and lightly place a dot on a piece of paper. Thats about the amount of glue, A little bit larger than a period on this page. If you are paper piecing and the paper gets stuck to the fabric, keep a damp rag nearby. Touch just the glued area with your rag and the paper will be released.
Things to always keep in mind if using the glue.
1. Always stay at least 1/2″ away from corners. The glue does add some extra bulk and you will want to avoid seams that will go from 2 layers of fabric to 4 or more layers. Your longarmer will not like you or you will not like yourself when you hit one of these already thick seams made bulkier by glue. 2 layers of fabrc with a tiny dot of glue will not bog down or stop the quilting machine.
2. Always apply the glue within the seam allowance and a very small dot. You will know if you applied too much glue when you are turing your pieces. The glue will spread out and too much will run into your stitch line. A damp rag will release the glue or if its not a lot you can gently pull the fabrick apart.
3. Make sure the glue is dry before running thru your machine. If it is not dry and you have not kept it within your seam allowance it will get on and dry on the needle. If the glue is dry it will not gum up your needle.

Pattern above quilt by :  Very clear and easy to follow pattern.


Quilting my UFO’s


When my sister in law Sandy saw an unfinished Quiltworx feathered star top she said my nephew would love it with all of the colors.  So last weekend I finally pulled it out of the closet, fixed a mistake and loaded it on the frame.


This prompted me to start pulling other tops out and get them quilted.  Since this one, I have completed 1 and loaded another on the frame today.

flying geese tree everlasting

See, I told you I love flying geese. The geese blocks are 1 seam flying geese and tree everlasting are traditional pieced. My quilting skills aren’t as advanced as my piecing skills. Vertical and horizontal lines are easy, its the diagonal lines that I am struggling with.  Really, how do you quilt this many triangles with half the quilt being 3d blocks. You can’t quilt over these flying geese, you’d just be defeating the purpose of the block. After some thought, I decided a vertical line alongside the flying geese would be the way to go and as it turns out the geese look like they are coming off the top. The rest of it I’m just stitching curly q’s which go pretty quick, it will be done tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hang it in the natural light…hope it’s not raining.