Mosaic QAL

Just a quick note on the QAL. Shame on me. I don’t know how it got past me but I surely did not include precut dims for the pinwheel blocks. Yes I paper pieced them as well, I get more accurate results. You can use scrap fabric just make sure the scrap piece  covers all outside cut lines. Another option and my preferred method (if no large scraps on hand) is to cut a single strip no less than 3 1/2″ by wof and strip piece following the same instructions in my pictorial for piecing the geese.  These are not the only options for making your half square triangle block however they are the only options I am confident enough to share. Besides, if you piece them traditionally the fabric does not have the seam allowances marked for you  like the paper templates.

If you would like to join my closed facebook page to share photos, progress, discuss and ask questions click on the  icon under “follow me” in the sidebar. Because its a closed group you will need to ask to join. Email photos of blocks or the finished quilt to, corny I know. Please inform  if I can share your photos here and the following info:

Can I post your name and if so the preferred name.

Do you have a blog, Instagram, Twitter or a web link that I can share? If so, please include.

Can I post the country you reside in and if so please include.




First ever QAL- the entire quilt is paper pieced


This is the first block in my new 5 month long QAL that begins Feb 14th.  It will be my first QAL ever, I have never created or participated in one.  The reason, I like to see the quilt before I commit to making it because if the patterns aren’t appealing to me I will get bored with it and move on to something else. Or…and the main reason is I don’t like having more than one project going at a time. Many of the QAL’s that drew my attention were 1 block a month QAL’s, I don’t have the patience for that. Hopefully by have this QAL it will teach me the patience needed to participate in anothers quilt along.

The block above is a 17″ block, it took me 6-8 hours to make and that included taking photos and writing notes for 2  pictorials. If it were the start of the weekend I would have the other 3 completed by Sunday. But…since I have a whole month to complete them I may just get some past due things done around the house.

The fabric I am using in this quilt is New Aged Muslin by Marcus Fabrics. Several months ago I purchased a fat quarter bundle because I liked the dusty look the fabric has. After receiving the bundle I went back and ordered 3 more bundles. One I used on practice blocks for another project and I loved it. So the remaining 3 I have saved for “the right” project. Because I wanted a dark sashing I did have to order a couple of yards of the dark blue.  It took some going back and forth over the sashing color. My other option was to use the natural muslin that matches my geese sky fabric for the sashing. The geese would have looked like they were floating having all the same color background but I opted for a dramatic effect and went for the dark blue. Off to work now. Oh, did I mention the QAL is free? Well it is, so if you would like to join in come back Feb 14th to pick up the first download. Happy sewing!

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Sew along-paper pieced quilt

Sew along with me for the next 5 months. Feb 14th will be the beginning of my sew along. Each pdf will be available for download for 1 month for free, then taken down on the 14th of the next month when a new download is added.
There will be 4 blocks to make in February and 4 blocks to make in March. April will be just 1 block so that will be a good time to catch up if you fall behind on the previous months blocks. May and June will both be border block months. If you complete the top as pictured the pre-quilted/pre-laundered finished size is 69″ x 69″.
This quilt is fat quarter friendly, strip friendly and scrap friendly. A few months ago I purchased some Marcus Fabrics New Aged Muslin fat quarter bundles and have been saving them for the perfect project and for me, this is it.
If you modify my pattern by changing border blocks or adding to it to make a larger quilt I would love it if you shared a photo with me. If you don’t know me, I’ve been known to combine patterns from different quilts to suit my own likes and needs. Yes, I have purchased patterns just for 1 or 2 blocks.

The Mosaic Quilt was inspired by a Roman Mosaic Floor dated  150-200 AD. It caught my eye because of all the flying geese. I wonder, did the Romans who constructed this piece even consider its life beyond the 2nd century, did they give any thought to how long it would last? Did Roman slaves construct it or a skilled worker who traveled around Rome or a local craftsman? The answer would most likely be found online but what would be the fun in that? As with previous quilts, while I am piecing this the possible answers to these questions and many more will be played out in my imagination.

If you have ever pieced flying geese traditionally, the number of geese involved in this quilt would be enough to scare you away. Fortunately they are paper pieced. You will have to trust me when I say paper piecing flying geese will be like entering a new dimension.  The great thing about this or any quilt I have been designing is, there is no precutting those tiny pieces unless you just want to, I do not want to. When I design a quilt I keep in mind that I want manageable strips of fabric for piecing so I don’t have to pre cut hundreds of pieces no matter how small or large they may be. You will still need to cut strips unless you use jelly rolls. You will stitch a strip to the paper, trim the excess strip off. Then  the next time you use this strip, just rotate the strip for best fit, stitch and trim. There is less waste this way. Make sense? If not it will when I share the photos.

So I hope you’ll join in and share your progress and photos with me.

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Mosaic Quilt

One more pattern tester needed

In case you missed my post last week, I’m still looking for 1 more pattern tester. It will be a 52″ x 52″ quilt with 3 different but similar blocks. With a little math you could easily expand this into a larger quilt. Initially the quilt was  a gift for one of my drivers whos 3rd grandbaby is due this summer. But because it went together so well I decided I would package it to sell on Craftsy.  Its not there yet.

What I expect from the testers

1)You do not post photos of your progress or finished quilt online until I am ready to make the pattern public.

2)You can have the top, (quilted or not) completed by February 28th, 2018.

3)You make me aware of any errors. Suggestions are also welcome to improve the pattern, but not required.

For an experienced pp it will go together quickly. If you are new to pp you will need to know the basics since there are no step by step instructions at this time.  I really want to see if my testers can piece this without a step by step which should not be a problem with the diagrams I have included.  This is not a complex block like the North Star I have shared.  If you have read my previous posts you know I love flying geese but if you are not a fan of them, don’t worry there are no flying geese in this quilt. Yardage and patch cutting recommendations are given and templates are numbered for piecing order. It would make a good 2 color quilt and it is fat quarter friendly.

If you are interested in testing, click on the “Contact ” tab above to send me a private message with your email address.


Pattern tester

A couple pattern testers needed. If you are in between projects or need to take a breather from a current project, leave a comment below with your email address. You could also click on  “Contact Me” above to send me a private message with your email. The blocks are beginner friendly so if you have been wanting to try paper piecing this may be for you.

One of the paper pieced patterns I have been working on the last of couple weeks is ready to be tested, finished size 52″ x 52″. It could easily be expanded to a full size or lap quilt. Keep in mind my pattern does not instruct you on paper piecing, you will need to know the basics.  It is a pdf pattern that I will email to you.

What I expect: .

You do not post photos of your progress or finished quilt until I am ready to make the pattern public.

You can have the top, quilted or not completed by February 28th, 2018.

You make me aware of any errors. Suggestions are also welcome to improve the pattern, but not required.


“Baby steps”

Whoever coined the phrase “baby steps” when referring to recovery or learning a new task clearly understood how difficult either can be. For almost 2 months now I have been taking baby steps on my road to recovery. I’ve been a good girl by not lifting anything heavier than my Enzo and  I’ve been faithful with my stretching exercises. The most important lesson learned is to set time limits on activities that when performed over an extended period of time increases pain. It’s hard to imagine that sitting at my sewing machine and piecing table for 2 hours would create such pain and regret when  sitting in a wooden rocking chair with lumbar support for hours does not.  Leaning in and looking down onto my piecing table is unavoidable, okay maybe the leaning in part is.

I’ve stayed away from the quilt frame since stretching and twisting on my toes is what created this mess I am in.  The backing and batting for the Wind Rose quilt has been loaded since Nov 11th with the top thrown over the frame. So every day when entering or exiting my office I see the quilt, it demands my attention all day, I stare at it like a chocohaulic (which I am) would a bowl full of chocolate knowing they cant have it.  However this morning my will power went out the window, the top is now pin basted…applause! Baby steps…  It still needs some smoothing and re-pinned but I am a lot further along then I was when I made it my one monthly goal for November. Threads still need to be picked and trimmed from the top but I am so happy I had to share a photo.

#paperpiecing #flyinggeese #quilting
Wind Rose

My friend  Cherie (< <link to her site) who is a beginner paper piecer has been piecing my pattern For the love of geese.  She has done an amazing job, I have enjoyed following her progress and I love her gray border geese. I cant wait to see what she does with the quilting.

My next quilt project is up in the air. I find inspiration all over the internet and daily life.  My latest infatuation is long out of print books for their artwork and mosaic floors in the Sistine Chapel and Westminster Abbey. My husband tells me I will look at anything as he shakes his head and glances towards the computer monitor which pretty  much sums things up. He understands the mosaics but not the old books. There really is no limit for me when searching for inspiration. With the vast amount of public domain books and artwork available that can be turned into quilts you are only limited by your ability and imagination. Prior to looking at photos of the before mentioned mosaics I always assumed flying geese were just quilt patterns and circling geese had been created by quilters, however this is not the case.  The triangle in a rectangle that we quilters call flying geese pre-date the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey.


Virtual Cookie Exchange 12-5 / 12-7

Below is a list of bloggers who will  be participating in this years Virtual Cookie Exchange. I’m anxious to see how others prepare for this event and what surprises are in store for the 3 days. This being my first time, I hope I can measure up but if not, I’ll know what is expected of me next year.

The paper pieced block that I will be sharing with you all is nearing completion, I should have it done by tomorrow. If you have been contemplating the pattern For the love of geese but it just isn’t large enough for you, come back on Dec 7th and have a look at the block I am adding to the pattern. Then stay tuned for the updated quilt.

Upcoming Virtual Cookie Exchange

While nursing myself for relief of sciatica pain I’ve kept busy working on a new quilt idea and blocks to add to For The Love of Geese quilt.  Not every block looks balanced with this quilt full of flying geese but I think I have finally managed to come up with one, a paper pieced star block.  On Dec 7th I will share the pattern as a free download during a Virtual Cookie Exchange. The Virtual Cookie Exchange  will take place from Dec. 5th thru Dec. 7th. It’s being hosted by Just Let Me Quilt, head over and check out the other bloggers who are participating. Recipes for yummy stuff,  holiday traditions, patterns, who knows what you will benefit from or learn by visiting the blogs on these days.

No sneak peeks at the star block that I will be sharing. Though I will tell you this: it will be a paper pieced pattern so brush up on you pp skills, there will be multiple layout options for the block. If you like flying geese there will be an option to add them to the block or not. If you like blocks with Irish Chains, there is an option for that or not.  Instructions for piecing the Irish chain will not be included, you will need to do the math for the 4 patch blocks yourself. I’ve considered making this block larger for a medallion in a quilt but that really doesn’t serve my purpose right now so it will be an 18″ block. The block would make a great pillow sham, you could add a border and create a wall hanging, or if you like quilts with Irish Chains you could turn this block into an entire quilt with Irish Chains connecting all the blocks.  If you are good with colors and values it would make a wonderful 3d quilt. That’s all for now, hope this leaves you pondering and you come back on Dec 7th for 2 recipes.  A recipe for a star block and a recipe for one of my favorite Christmas candies.

Toying with ideas

Saturday while loading my backing onto the frame for the Wind Rose quilt I somehow irritated my sciatica nerve. Ironically 22 years ago Saturday I was in an automobile accident. The impact pushed my hip out of rotation and played havoc on the sciatica nerve. Fortunately since then I have only irritated it twice. Needless to say, I wont be quilting until the pain subsides. Thank you TP Rose, yes his name is etched in my memory and he is responsible for many of the aches I suffer today. If he has an ear drum left I’d be surprised,  I cuss  him frequently.

Saturday and Sunday both I played around with some ideas for my next quilt, what better way to spend the day? Because stars and geese go well together I sketched a few ideas.  I also visited The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library looking for inspiration. This is where I found the map that contained the wind rose from my last quilt. That search took me to Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows. Not that I want to make a stained glass quilt, although many would make gorgeous quilts, I was mainly looking for layout ideas. Note to me: revisit that idea at a later time.  His Saguaro window caught my eye not because of the layout, but because it could easily be made into  a quilt with little changes.

I wish I had more to share with you today , just know I have plenty of time to work on my next project and I will be sharing that soon enough.