It’s a Guy Thing or is it?

This could so mean many things and left to one’s own imagination it could lead anywhere. Some of my cleaner thoughts were urinals (though not generally clean) and a wall hanging to hang above the stool instructing men on raising and lowering the seat. How many things can you think of that is ” a guy thing”?

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Welcome to my stop on what I am sure will be a fun and interesting blog hop. Thank you Carol for all the chuckles I’ve had since signing up and trying to think of something to share. Carol from Just Let Me Quilt hosts many blog hops throughout the year with various themes, they’re all fun.

For this hop I decided to scrap it all and go with what I love.

Boys Girls and Cars

Silly boys.

During the early years Henry Ford (Ford Motor) and William Durant (General Motors) were fierce competitors in the manufacture of automobiles but I think the Dodge brothers were the most innovative, the Dodge brothers wanted to go fast.

The debate over who builds the best auto is an never ending argument that no one can win because neither side will consider the others opinion. For me, it’s always been Chevrolet.

We’ve I’ve even had signs in the driveway that stated “Chevy parking only. All others will be crushed”, amongst others. And Mother Nature agrees. This is what happens to a Ford in my driveway.

crushed ford

Of course now that I drive putt around in a Jeep (It’s a Jeep thing) those signs aren’t allowed, lol.

Window decals are my favorite, one’s that made it clear I was drifting not speeding. I don’t believe the cops would have agreed or found humor had they caught me.


Bad Bow Tie

That’s not a literal statement, I guess you would have had to grow up during the 80’s and 90’s when everything good was “bad” and GM used the slang “bad”  to their advantage in marketing. If you were a valley girl the slang you would have used in its place was bitchin’.  Make sense?

A valley girl I was not, any girl in her right mind knew cars and grease was where the boys were, not in malls and I liked muscle cars and boys.

No I wasn’t butch either. Here is my beauty college photo:



I was the only student at the beauty college in the 80’s who may or may not come in with grease under her nails depending on the day, lol. Not only could I roll a perm but I could change my own oil and lean the carb so my car would pass an emissions test.  True story, the guys at the emission testing facility were impressed. My car failed, they told me to “take this paper to your mechanic (like I was some helpless valley girl) and they’ll know what to do to fix it”.  I asked, “can’t I just go out there and do it myself and run back through”? And I did, white shorts and all. Then I drove down the block to Hardees and put the carb back where it was. I could explain why but that is for another platform.


I ripped the butt out of many a pair of jeans climbing in the engine compartment. No, I was not bitchin’ and neither were the boys.

William Durant started using the Chevy Bow Tie after spotting the design on wallpaper while visiting a hotel in France, sorry can’t remember the year and it’s too late for me to dig out the book. The rest is history.

Need for speed

The phrase “Need for Speed” came loooong before the video game creator and I had a need for speed, and boys. That feeling you get when the airplane is cruising down the runway just before lift off… you know, when you’re pushed against the back of your seat and you feel like gravity has gone horizontal?  That can be created on 4 wheels and I LOVE it!

DH had the Bad Bow Ties t-shirts or wait, maybe that was me? There’s probably still one left in a chest of drawers around here in all its holey glory.


My Bow Tie, unlike Chevrolet’s is fabric and is paper pieced and I used the 6″ finished Flying Geese die from AccuQuilt. At this point I don’t know if it will become a dog bed, a wall hanging for a friend’s immaculate garage (where he builds Bad Bow Tie motors) or a table runner.

The fabric, Island Batik solid black background and solid orange for the Bow Tie border, and from an earlier collection this fiery orange for the center. Any true gear head would know that a small block Chevy is orange just like Ford used blue for their motors. Dodge on the other hand, you could find their motors in many colors but I believe the black Hemi was the true muscle identifier, back in my day anyway.

There is nothing prettier than a bright orange block and chrome for decoration, or Hemi black with a splash of color or chrome.


Today, the Bad Bow Tie motor is sitting in the shed waiting to bring the right car to life. I think this ’50 Chevy truck is more my speed now days anyway. Not to say I wouldn’t go fast.


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  1. What a fun post. I can fill my car with gas but that’s as hands on as I get. I did drive a stick for many years which back in the day impressed the guys. The hottest car we ever owned was a 72(?) Road Runner. Back to the HOP, love your bow tie, perfection.

    1. Thanks Selina, I still pump gas myself but that’s about it. Let the dealer deal with the oil and tranny fluid changes because I’d rather be sewing than performing maintenance.

  2. I’ve been sitting here giggling Denise while reading your story! Back in the 70’s I was going to beauty school and building cars in my “spare time”. My favourite finish was a 67 Mustang that I did a lacquered paint job on after rebuilding the motor. Oh I still remember the hours of hand polishing that black paint. (I don’t tell my grandson that I can still do and oil change faster than he can ?). These days I drive a Toyota Venza. It’s a far cry from the last car, a “Z” but it is high enough that I can get in and out without my knees seizing. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring my memories. Love that Bow Tie quilt.

    1. Glad I could bring back happy memories, NO black vehicles for me, been there done that,-had stuff melt on the dash and difficult to keep clean. My G-Aunt in law went to beauty school and her first week behind the chair she told a women she couldn’t make a silk purse out of sows ear, threw down her apron and went to work at a garage down the street. We would get along great in person.

        1. For sure, I was really surprised to see even one woman who could do basic maintenance because all the women I know would never even consider it.

          1. I was a “weird Mom” according to my children. In High School I insisted my boys took Home Ec and my daughter took shop. I always thought the stereotyping was wrong. Now both sons enjoy cooking (my dil’s thank me) and my daughter does 90% of the wrenching on her vehicle. ?

          2. That was very smart of you, I took shop but wish I had taken Home Ec. My husband taught me how to use a sewing machine.

          3. Taking shop is a good idea to keep girls getting more skills to be independent. Luckily I loved to cook and bake so my daughter learned from me. My sons also helped me doing work on the car and home repairs so they all had well rounded educations. It also gave me 3 willing helpers no matter what I was doing ?

  3. Those thoughts about ‘guys’ are not what I’d thought about. Thanks for making me laugh today. Great quilt; a guy would love it.

    1. You’re welcome. To be honest I really didn’t think of any other path to take and I had a lot of fun giggling over ideas.

  4. Yay, we are a Chevy family as well. I think making the Chevy symbol in a quilt was a great idea.
    This was a great read learning so much about you. Your writing style is creative and interesting to read as well. Grease under the fingernails rolling a perm – so impressive! Making your car pass emissions tests – you are so learned in many many ways!

    1. Thanks, it was really to fun to make and write the post. Mostly its difficult for me to write a post but this one was done pretty quick.

  5. Hee hee, love your humor! Not gonna lie, a little disappointed in the lack of urinal blocks, but that’s ok, I have a toilet block from Row-by-Row a few years ago. 😉 I have a ’78 Chevy truck that my husband constantly talks about lowering and suped up for the drag strip but I just can’t, just, no. So instead he takes his motorcycle on occasion. I was the person in college that my dorm-mates turned to when car issues came up, and I don’t know that much but apparently being in a rural community makes what I consider common knowledge (change oil, drive a manual, change a tire) a rarity in the larger cities. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story and your very cool quilt!

    1. Lol, I have one of those square bodies too that we use to haul fire wood. Never could understand the lowering of vehicles, stand your ground on that one for sure. It is both funny and frustrating how we’re perceived based on our appearance and zip code. My father grew up on a farm in a very rural isolated area, joined the marines and retired as a truck driver. However, to look at him you never would have guessed he was associated with any of them. Growing up in an all female household didn’t allow for first hand knowledge on masculine things but because we didn’t have men to rely on created independent self sufficient woman. I’ll take that over any city girls upbringing. It’s nice playing dumb sometimes, you know like when you just really don’t feel like doing it yourself or messing up that manicure. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What fun! Your stories about driving and fixing cars are great. It was never anything I wanted to do, so I admire what you did. Maybe being in a house full of boys (4 brothers), I was not impressed with any of it. The first car I remember being driven in was a ’57 chevy! This piece is so perfect for a chevy loving driver!

  7. wow your quilt is stunning. we taught our daughter to be exactly the same way. if she was going to drive she needed to know how to change oil and everything. not just pump gas. my husband said to her. “what if you are driving and the car just stops? are you going to ask a stranger or repair it yourself?” well our girl learned everything there was to know about fixing a car. her uncle and cousin (who worked on cars for a living) got her started and made sure she knew it all. even now she can out fix her car over her boyfriend. LOL

    1. That is wonderful and so glad she had “do it” people. I grew up in a house of all women/girls so I had to have the guys teach me.

  8. OMG, loved your story,I got to know you a whole lot more!!! I never knew?. Also loved your beauty photo, and your quilt is pretty cool too?

  9. I think my comment disappeared or maybe you have that thing where you have to approve the comment. I’m not sure, and maybe this is a double comment, but I love that Chevy design you made!

  10. This was a great post, Denise! Hearing a little about your car adventures was just so fun this morning. I was no frilly girl, but changing the oil in my car wasn’t my thing. Your Chevy design is incredible and would be a treasure for any Chevy lover. You rocked it on this guy thing…thank you for sharing!

  11. That’s awesome. We have the car debate here all the time…Hubs is a die hard Ford man, and I love my Dodges. I drove a PT cruiser for years, just to bug him. I love muscle cars and just traded my Challenger in for an SUV…Ford of course. Eye roll… LOL!! I needed a carseat friendly car now that we have grands!
    Thankfully he is a mechanic, so I have not had to get under any hoods to fix anything myself, but I have a daughter in law who races, and can pull and engine and fix things better than most boys! LOL!!

  12. Yup, I did learn more about you! Beauty college, never would have guessed. Already knew you like to tinker with cars. Great way to bring it into this “It’s a Guy Thing” hop!

  13. Oh my, Denise! You are a woman after my own heart!! I’ve always loved muscle cars and still own one, though my DH drives it mostly because my knees are getting too bad to shift (it’s a 6-speed). I totally understand why you changed out that carb, girl!! I used to change my own oil as well! That always impressed the guys – especially my hubby! I had a 69 Camara Rally Sport back in the day, but now I’m a ‘Stang girl! Bought my first one at 50 and until last year we had two, the ’14 lime green convertible and an ’18 5.0 that dyno’s out about 440 HP with a muffler that you could change the sound from regular to track to sport, etc! I sold it – once again that knee thing as they sit really low too!!

    Love your Bad Bow Tie table runner and really love that old ’50 Chevy truck!! Yep, I think I’ll always have a “need for speed” – maybe just not quite as fast as I used to! LOL Thanks for sharing your project. You brought back some great memories!

    1. We may be getting slow but at least we can still go fast in other ways. Drooling over the 69 Camaro, earliest I had was ’76, then an ’82 and the latest was a 2012 that I traded for the jeep. My real thing was Monte Carlos and I just about had every body style. Glad I was able to bring back pleasant memories for you, hope I made you chuckle too.

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