Christmas In July

Products in this post were sent to me to fulfill my role as an Island Batik Ambassador. See disclosure.

Welcome to Christmas in July, today’s post is serving double duty. It just so happened that Carol at Just let me quilt announced the Christmas in July Blog Hop about the same time I started working on my Island Batik Christmas in July challenge.

There will be no linky party this week but I hope you’ll come back next Thursday.

Before I begin I’d like to first thank AcucQuilt for this generous gift, Island Batik for believing in me and sending all the wonderful fabric, Hobbs Batting for the best 100% cotton batting, and Schmetz Needles who is a new IB industry partner.  Lastly but definitely not least, Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for organizing all these wonderful hops.

AccuQuilt sent the Ambassadors a GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set with 2 dies, a 3″ finished hst and a 3″ finished qst dies. The challenge was to make something with just these two dies, then gift the fabric cutter and the project. We could also use the 2 1/2″ strip die, which I did for a border and the binding. With this many points I didn’t want to chance cutting them off during binding.

A few months ago AccuQuilt sent me a different GO! Me. It was difficult to decide which of my 2 quilting sisters to give it to so I just placed it on a shelf.


GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set

  • Ultra portable – allows quilters to take the GO! Me with them anywhere
  • New quilter gains confidence in their art form faster
  • Elevates workmanship of the quilter
  • Same cutting performance as the GO! – Fast, Accurate, Easy and Safe
  • Includes two GO! Dies, cutting mat and pattern book
  • A great gift for any quilter

What AccuQuilt couldn’t tell you, before I received my GO! I avoided half square triangles because they can be so finicky. Now I love them almost as much as I love flying geese.


The fabric I chose to use is from the IB Nordic Nature Collection designed by Kathy Engle, available in stores now. I love green so this collection felt right at home.

islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, paperpiecedquilt, hexiquilt, paperpiecedhexiquilt

In May during the Ultimate Home Decor blog hop I used Nordic Nature to make a runner for my bay window.

islandbatiktablerunner, islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, hexietablerunner, baywindowquiltedrunner, paperpiecedhexipattern, fortheloveofgeese

AccuQuilt gives pre- cutting directions with their dies but I like to cut my fabric in strips to run through the cutter.


This is how it comes out and I just trim the end off and advance the strip.



All of my pieces cut and ready to assemble.


There was a lot of chain piecing happening for a couple evenings.  I love how quickly you can move  patches around and end up with something like this.. Not gonna lie, I did play with designs in EQ.

accuquilt, islandbatik

The challenge itself didn’t call for a Christmas themed project because it was all about the giving, spreading the love.  Well, I loved this fabric collection and it is perfect for a Christmas themed table runner which my sister could use. The sister this GO! Me was given to hosts Christmas dinner at her house and it will be perfect for the goodie table, which I also love.

Natural lighting in the shade is great, even better now that we have grass, cough cough, weeds.

accuquilt, islandbatik


Since receiving the Schmetz Needles in box 1 I have been using them faithfully in my Juki and hope to try them soon in the Bernina. To my amazement the sewing machine needle police have not knocked on my door. (I say this because I have always used the brands that came with the machine.)

hobbsbatting, fortheloveofgeese, islandbatik, islandbatikambassador

For batting I used a remnant of the Hobbs Heirloom Premium.

islandbatik, islandbatikambassadors, aurifilthread, hobbsbatting, paperpiecedquilt,island batik badge

accuquilt, islandbatik


accuquilt, islandbatik

Photo above, on the left is the new set, on the right was from last year.

Below: My oldest sister on the right, Linda received the GO! Me AccuQuilt sent me last year. Melissa is the one on the left, she is the 3rd oldest and 4 years older than me. She received the  GO! Me that was part of the Island Batik AccuQuilt challenge which meant she also received the table topper I made. I think it looks pretty good on her distressed wood table and will be a perfect addition to our Christmas get together.

accuquilt, islandbatik

accuquilt, islandbatik


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. The Go certainly helped you make those pieces so perfectly. Love how you used them.

    1. It is great. Last year I made a Storm at Sea quilt with a Snails Trail border using the AccuQuilt. It went together perfectly.

  2. This month’s Island Batik challenge was the perfect opportunity to spread the Christmas joy. LOVE accuquilt and the cutting makes projects so fast. Love your Christmas!

  3. That table topper will make a lovely holiday table! So great that you could gift each sister a cutter!!!! I love the owl die that came with the cutter before they re-branded, but hopefully your sisters can share and each use both dies!

  4. I loved your quilt projects, the fabrics were amazing. I still prefer cutting machines I guess over die cut machines and that’s the choice I made 7 years ago when I decided to buy a cutting machine over an Accuquilt. I do think they are amazing machines, I just never had an issue with half square triangles as I don’t mind using the tricks for doing multiples that others use and mine turn out fine. I’d rather not sew on the bias if I can help it and it looks like you end up doing that with the Accuquilt.

    1. You wouldn’t think they’d come together so easily. I have tried other methods of making them and by the time I am finished squaring them up they are never the right size. What cutting machine do you have, I am curious and a redneck who doesn’t get out much.

  5. Hi Denise! What a fun project and how nice that you could gift it to your sister! I think it looks fabulous on her distressed table and will be a wonderful centerpiece for the holiday celebrations. The die cutter really didn’t waste much fabric – that’s nice to see! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Not much waste at all if you plan ahead and pay attention. I wish I had purchased one years ago :). Thank you for stopping by. I’ll drop over when I get caught up to catch up on your makings.

  6. Love your table topper. I have an studio. It sure makes things go faster, too bad I don’t sew as fast.

    1. Thank you. I’m sure you are more productive with the studio as opposed to a rotary cutter.

  7. I love your window runner – such a great idea. Makes me wish I had a window like that! Thank you for inviting us to come for a visit and see your fun creations and hear about the equipment you use.

    1. Well thank you for stopping by. You can download hexie templates from my Free Pattern Page. They’re paper pieced, not EPP. If memory serves there are a couple sizes in the download as well as a layout suggestion.

  8. You made such a nice table topper. Those fabrics go so well together, and they give a result more beautiful than if you look at every single fabric one by one, if you understand what I mean.

  9. What nice gifts! I know you’re enjoying your cutting machines. I just got the GO! second hand that had never been used. I’ve just started playing with it, and I love it.
    Love your projects too.

    1. To say I love mine would be an understatement. Once you get the hang of layering your fabrics right sides together it really makes piecing more accurate.

    1. Thank you. I was planning on putting together a download to give away but time got away from me.

  10. Sharing these gifts must have been so much fun. Thanks for sharing the story with us. The fabric is beautiful and both runners turned out so nicely with it!

  11. Beautiful runners. I especially like the one on your window area. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Oooh, what a luscious pile of batiks! So pretty, and I love both of your projects. It’s amazing what a difference a few great tools can make! I often think of how my grandmothers would love all our fancy gadgets, and the Go! cutters are among my favorites too. How fun to share your love of quilting (and prizes) with your sisters!

    1. Just image where we would be today if these gadgets had existed when we started quilting.

  13. Love your table topper and the candle holders your sister has on the topper!! I have the GoBIG and love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great table topper! A really lovely piece for the holiday season or anytime! Your Go! Me made quick time of cutting out all the pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  15. A friend of mine is getting a new cutter and is sending me her old one! I can hardly wait to try it out myself. Thank you for showing how you placed the fabric, because that’s been a little worry in the back of my mind. This project looks wonderful, and you have TWO fortunate sisters!

  16. What a great way to share the love! The triangles are one of my favorites to use and you did an amazing job putting them in this beautiful runner. It’s so pretty in those IB fabrics! Thank you for sharing with us and showing off that sweet Accuquilt cutter! xo

  17. We are all so lucky to have been given the Accuquilt cutters!! Love your project and using those checks really gives it attitude!

    1. It adds an additional design. I have to admit the cutter made it easy to keep those checks in line,lol.

  18. I have also avoided hst because they can be so finicky, but recently started using them more. Maybe with the Go I could be even more successful with them. Beautiful projects!

    1. You would be amazed at how perfect they turn out. Sometimes I have one that I’ve stretched or the fabric shifts and they aren’t so perfect but nothing like before. The GO!Me are $100 I think which isn’t bad at all. If you try one let me know how you like it.

    1. I love the runner for the bay window, hexies are one of my favorites. My sisters were pleased with their gifts and the generosity of AccuQuilt.

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