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It’s a crazy new world out there. To avoid it I have been kickin’ butt in my sewing room. Friday I finished the flimsy for my 2nd March Island Batik project and the 1st is bound. Also Friday, I started working on my April AccuQuilt project and since I am using Island Batik fabric I decided to combine it with my April IB challenge.  You will get a second glance at the Mesa Verde Collection by Kathy Engle and enter for a chance to win some 10″ squares cut by myself. Aaand, you will have a choice if you win. You can choose the squares or choose to have me cut them with the AccuQuilt die I’ll be using.

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Face masks

My son is a volunteer fireman for our all volunteer Fire and Rescue. After media announcements there were a shortage of face masks I asked him how their stock was. Not good. Next I sent a message to the Chief of the dept and he said he would welcome some fabric masks. After looking at patterns and tutorials I found a style that was do-able on Button Counter, link below.

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These were the first 3 I made after which I combined a couple steps and found the trick to avoid rounded corners. I was able to make 14 of these Saturday before I ran out of elastic. More was ordered Wednesday evening because I knew I didn’t have enough to make 80 masks, that is my plan. There are 20 men on the roster and I would like to make 4 for each, maybe more.

The fabric in the photos above are from quilt back trimmings. After I have quilted a top and cut the quilt from the frame I save those long scraps.  Turns out they are perfect for this. The cream colored fabric is a 200 thread count muslin and the blue is an Island Batik foundation.

Keep these volunteer departments in mind if you are making masks.

An updated list

I am feeling quite accomplished as the list narrows.


  • For the time being only one project,  my monthly challenge for IB that I haven’t even considered yet.  first quilted and bound, second a flimsy


  • IB monthly challenge. Combining this and the AccuQuilt below.
  • AcchQuilt project and post on their blog.
  • Inventory Quilt Project.  For the love of geese quilt using Island Batik Stash Builders. Starting in April.

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  1. You are doing great! Glad you were able to make some masks. I’ll be making a few more as the week goes on!

    1. Me too. I only had a little elastic and knew it wouldn’t go far. Glad I was able to order early because I hear it is getting hard to find online.

  2. Hi Denise! You’ve really got it going on. I asked our niece the nurse if we could make some for her, but her facility won’t let them use them yet. Maybe that will change soon. I’ve been meaning to ask – how is your foot doing? I’m looking forward to seeing all of your finishes soon. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Lol, I just told Enzo we were kickin butt. Just finished quilting small quilts, the 2nd for March challenge and my April project. Our small dept doesn’t have funds to stock pile masks and are dangerously low. These would be better than a bandana for sure. The foot, sore subject. Dr office called this morning to inform me they would not be taking appts until after our shelter in place ends in April. My follow up was this Wednesday. But the doctor will call instead. I told her there was no reason to call if there were no Xrays to discuss. It is better but I still cant bend it. The pain is gone. So hopefully by the time my appt in April rolls around it will be completely healed.

      1. Hi again! I’m glad the pain is gone. It sounds like you might need some PT to get your range-of-motion back. Thanks for linking up this week! R

        1. We’ll see in May. I think I told you my follow up appt is next month, my bad it’s May. Thank you for the linky party.

    1. The chief told me I was an angel when I offered. Then a God send when I delivered the 14 masks, so yes, very appreciated. I replied twice to your question on the April qal.

  3. Our Guild is making masks too, but we are doing ones with cloth ties so the hospital can clean them in the autoclave. It is satisfying to be able to do SOMETHING to help those on the front lines. I have several cut and ready to make this morning and have promised at least 10.

    1. Yes it is very satisfying to be able to help these guys. I promised 80 so I have a ways to go as soon as the elastic arrives.

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