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Begin to Deck the Halls with your Thanksgiving table this year and the AccuQuilt GO! Fall Medley die. Today I am going to share one idea using this fun die. For this project I chose to make a runner and placemats, but you could make a table topper too. Pull out your largest turkey platter, center it on your pre-quilted topper, and fuse the leaves and pumpkins to surround the platter perfectly.

Some of the products featured were provided to me free of charge by Island Batik and AccuQuilt.


  • 1 1/4 yard each: backing, background fabric and fusible fleece
  • Misc. scraps for pumpkins and leaves
  • GO! Fall Medley die
  • Fusible adhesive. For my project I chose Hotfix Adhesive.

The background fabric I chose is from the Neutrals Foundation collection by Island Batik, along with misc scraps for applique shapes. Here is my initial fabric pull.

AccuQuilt also has the GO! Pumpkins Die with 3 more sizes and shapes.

Fabric cutting

See the diagram below for cutting.

  • Cut 4 rectangles 13″ x 19″ as shown below from your background, fusible fleece and backing.
  • Use the remaining piece of fabric for the runner, cut to your desired w” x h”.

Stitch and flip placemats

For the stitch and flip method, place the wrong side of your backing fabric on the fusible side of the fleece and fuse following the manufacturer’s directions.

Free motion as desired or draw your quilting lines as I did with a disappearing marker and ruler. My lines are 1 1/2″ apart.

Quilt each piece and add a 1/8″ stitch around the outside on all four sides and set aside.

Cutting with AccuQuilt

Fuse your fusible web to the backside of your leaves and pumpkins fabric. Again, follow manufacturer’s directions.

Allow your fabric to cool, and cut the desired number of leaves and pumpkins for each placemat and the runner.

Choose your layout for the applique shapes on the placemats, for my mats I chose the minimal amount for decoration. Wont the leaves make a wonderful backdrop for a LARGE Thanksgiving dinner plate?

Adding the backing.

  • If it’s easier for you, draw a 1/2″ stitch line around the outside of your backing fabric.
  • Right sides together, stitch 1/2″ seam around the quilted piece and backing fabric (or on the 1/2″ line you have drawn). Leave an opening on one end for flipping, I left a 6″ opening.
  • Trim the corners off

Turn your piece right side out and push out the corners. Press well and stitch a 1/4″ seam around all four sides.

Follow the same procedure as above and decorate your runner or…

Sandwich your top, fusible fleece and backing, quilt as desired and add a binding to add additional color. I really like the idea of have the leaves and pumpkins surrounding the platter, however it would be beautiful to place them in the corners only.

For binding I love to use the GO! Strip Cutter 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) 3 Strips Die.

The set adds a nice touch to a chic farmhouse decor. I’m so happy I did not add binding to the placemats and only to the runner.

A few other ideas

Here are a few other designs you can make with the GO! Fall Medley die.

fall table runner, accuquilt, island batik

You can see more about the above runner here.

You can find the pattern for the below runner here.

pumpkin table runner

Thank you for stopping by. If you make some variation of my set I would love if you tagged me on IG @fortheloveofgeese. And don’t forget to tag @accuquilt @accuquiltbuilt.


  1. Love that you made the first runner for your turkey platter! What a great idea. Your other fall runners are very pretty. The colors are gorgeous and perfect for Autumn. Thanks for sharing them on the 300th Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Hi Denise! What a great idea. Your set looks lovely on your table, and it will look even better when all your favorite peeps are there to enjoy them as well. {{Hugs}} I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It will be here in no time! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you Roseanne. The table is actually my sisters, all four placemats wont fit on my table with the runner 🙁

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