End of year

Wow, I have had a productive year. 14 quilts pieced and quilted, a stuffed friend and 2 bags. Not to mention I finished a few flimsies that were boxed up waiting to be quilted. Most of my scraps have been used or are currently being used. You can see my finishes at the bottom.

Remember that Levis quilt I started? I will be finishing out the year piecing my circles. More jeans are needed but my dh can only wear them out a few pair a year.

Inside the Cathedral Window is the New Aged Muslin fabric that remains from the Mosaic and Churn Dash quilts. It is my hope to use all the muslin that is left and start out the new year with my newer scraps.  I’ve never made this pattern and it took a couple rows before I really got the hang of it. At this size it’s already heavy. There is batting behind the muslin, which I save when trimming a quilt after its quilted.

I also plan to get the carpet ripped up in my son’s room and in the next couple of days. He will have to remove a few more boxes before that can happen. The plan is to rip the carpet and move my sewing room into its new home before the end of the year.

This will be my last post of the year so I would like to take the opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I appreciate the support and friendship you all have shown.






  1. I’ve made a denim cathedral windows quilt. When I mentioned to a friend I was making a quilt out of jeans (pick a friend, any friend), I got a lot of offers of jeans. I have more than I can use. I like your quilt. I cut out the seams and hems so this is quite interesting to see that you used them.

    1. Oh yes and back pockets too. The leather Levi’s patch, the red tabs and the stamped pocket will all be incorporated in the quilt. I’ve had offers of jeans but I’m being too picky and only accepting Levi’s.

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