Put your foot down 30 and 31 day blog writing challenge

What’s under my foot?

I’m working on a commissioned quilt for one of my truck driver friends. Since the quilt has a lot of blue in it I decided to save it for the Winter Blues Blog Hop hosted by Carla at Creatin In The Sticks.  So no shares of it until January.

The 31 day blog writing challenge

Today’s prompt is “Favorite color”. This is questionable for me, let me explain.
If asked what my favorite color is I am always going to say yellow, I love yellow but my subconscious says otherwise. While shopping I am drawn to anything green and I can be completely unaware. For instance, several years ago I was shopping with my oldest sister. When my turn came to check out the male cashier said to me, “you must really like green”.  I had several shirts in various shades of green and I was wearing a green quilted jacket I had made.  Before his comment I hadn’t noticed that my selections were all green.  The above photo is the jacket, 20 years old and I still can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

If green clothing weren’t bad enough…

The shingles on my home are dark green and my kitchen countertops are green.  In my defense they were there when we bought the house but it doesn’t mean I love them less. Prior to my last sofa purchase you guessed it, I had a dark green sofa. But the curtains were ecru lace.  The blanket I had on the sofa since my dogs are allowed on the furniture, green. Lawn chairs, green. 🙂

My bedroom curtains were the same shade of green as my sofa and the comforter had a lot of green in it. That’s probably why I purchased the comforter to begin with because Lord knows I do not need blankets with all these quilts.

The master bath had dark green bath towels, prior to our remodel. It’s black and white today. If given more time I would likely come up with more green for you but I think you get the gist.  Oh, here is one more green for you. While my favorite flower is a Lily, my second is Jack in the Pulpit, mostly green.  That’s the flower on the jacket pockets.

One day I just looked around and was completely surrounded by green and realized I had a green problem. No one space should be covered in that much green. If I am being honest until that day I never realized how much green surrounded me.

Now I will leave you to ponder on what your subconscious says is your favorite color.

Your shares from #29

Vicki from Vicki from Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting makes some of the most beautiful runners as you can see below.

Chrisknitssews  shared her OMG UFO. She is hoping to make it a FO, lol. Go offer her some encouragement.

What’s under your foot?

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  1. My favorite colors are blue and orange. I pair them together often especially in my wardrobe. But my entrance is green, my kitchen is corn yellow and green and my living room is burnt orange and blue (of course). It makes the open space very Autumn themed like, but I love it. Why should you separate yourself from this great jacket? It’s a heirloom. It will be set up as one of your best garment piece in your museum some day. I’m working on my own museum too.
    Looking forward to your great quilts for IB next year. ;^)

    1. Lol, I love that. My husband tells everyone the quilts are our retirement but I’ll have to throw the museum out there.

  2. Hi Denise! Yes, I would have to say that subconsciously and now consciously you love green. With a bit of yellow on the side. My favorite color is the ecru/beige family put when I look in my closet I have just about every color represented. I can’t really wear my favorite color because it washes me out. That jacket you made 20 years ago still looks great and stylish to me! Love it. One of these days . . . like tomorrow I’m actually going to have a finish to link up with you. And one next week as well although it’s for TGIFF linky so I won’t share that here. That would be rude! Congrats to you for continuing to be an IBA. Looking forward to what next year holds. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you Roseanne, I’m looking forward to your shares. There are many fabrics that would fit in to your favorite color so quilt away.

  3. Haha..my favorite color is and always has been “BLUE” – so much so that as a teen, I had the nickname “BlueGene”

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