Flower Patch block 2

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Welcome to clue #2. What would our garden be without at least one cardinal? For this block you must have at least one cardinal, two is great.

Always begin piecing the new block with any previously cut strips if available. Also save any scrap pieces that are at least 3″ because sometimes they can be squeezed into a patch on one of the blocks.


For clue #2 I have two videos. Hopefully these will clarify a few things left out of the previous clue video.

Not sure exactly what is going on with that cardinal, I’m not one to fret over 1/16″ if an inch. Once the paper is removed I’m pretty sure it will line up more closely, let’s hope.

If this happens to you, sometimes backward stitching (seam ripper) and re-stitching fixes the problem. Sometimes the cause is our beginning or ending stitches were a little off. You could also place a couple stitches for the eyes if you like.

mystery qult block 2


  1. I can see now I’m going to have to add some red into my blue & white quilt. The red is going add some real zing to my blocks. Thanks!

    • Denise

      You can always have blue jays instead of cardinals, that would look amazing too.

  2. Very helpful videos, Denise! Thanks for being so thorough. Even though I’m an experienced paper-piecer, I never fail to learn something new from you.

    • Denise

      That is so kind of you, thank you. How are you coming with the strip piecing, saving time and fabric?

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