Flower Patch Clue 3

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Clue 3

Clue 2

Don’t you just load a good tulip? As you will learn from the very short video below there are a couple options for this block. It’s okay if you don’t want that big dark blue patch in there, by all means make it your own.

The video

This time I did not go into a lot of detail on piecing the block. If however you have any questions please feel free to email me. You will find the email address on the first page of the download. Please watch the video though, there is an important note that would be too difficult to explain outside the video.

This block is no longer available as a free download.


  1. The deer don’t even wait for the flowers to eat them here. They pull the bulbs out of the ground in the fall. Tulips never come up. So, I’ll enjoy this block….. finally get to enjoy tulips.

  2. Thank you for the pattern! My mother-in-law loved tulips and had them growing all along the driveway. Looked pretty!

    1. I bet that was pretty. Tulips are apparently tasty because as soon as mine break through the ground the deer eat them, I gave up. You’re welcome, hope you are enjoying the sew along so far.

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