Flower Patch SAL Clue 10

Today is the release of Clue 10 and the linkup for blocks 8 and 9. I hope you are enjoying the sew along and even if you have missed a linkup to qualify for the give away you can still share your progress.

If you are a late comer to the sew along, the only place to get the previous clues will be in my facebook group, just click fb link in the right sidebar. The only other option is to wait until the pattern is available for purchase some time after the sew along ends.

flower patch quilt

The block

flower patch clue 10

The way the templates are drawn for the tulips you can play with the colors a little bit. For the outside petals use any of the colors: light, dark or medium. Same thing with the pinwheels and the triangles.

The triangle templates are marked for “light” fabric but I decided to use up some of the wider medium blue strips instead.

As with all previous blocks, use any remaining fabric you have left before cutting more if it covers the patch. Save larger scraps. The outside corners of the block, I was able to use some of the scraps from previous blocks and did not have to cut additional strips.


Island Batik sent me the fabric for the sample quilt.

Hobbs Batting also sponsored my quilt but provided batting for a prize.

AccuQuilt also provided a prize.

pisland batik
hobbs batting

Linkup for blocks 8 and 9

Linkup will remain active until the next linkup on Feb 9th.

Info and rules can be found here.


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