Flower Patch SAL Clue 13

flower patch block 13

Flower Patch Clue 13 is released today and I’m not really sure what you would call this block. A tulip?

Feel free to change up that large pinwheel, it’s one I am not totally certain of but I love the contrasting star it makes.

Piecing and seams

The block comes together pretty quick. Though there are a lot of templates most only have two patches to cover so you wont be doing much trimming of seams.

flower patch block 13

There are 4 of the templates shown above and let me explain the squiggly line. You can piece this as a solid background patch like my block or change up the colors such as the image below. There really needs to be some dark fabric in this block but where you place it is totally up to you. There is a coloring page included just in case you want to play around with color placement.

flower patch block 13

The seams, there are a lot of seams in the block and I am just sharing my recommendation here for pressing. The image below has arrows drawn in the direction I pressed my seams and this worked really well. Alternatively pressing them open would work fine but I like to nest the seams where I can.

flower patch block 13
flower patch block 13

My quilt progress

I was finally able to get to the curtain rod I like to hang quilts on, mostly. My top is a little wrinkled but it does show the need for some dark fabric to be placed in block 13.


There is no linkup with block 13 release. Have you sewn the first 3 rows together? If so, please feel free to share them in the next linkup with block 14 release. Links to other posts for the sew along can be found here.


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