Flower Patch SAL clue 15

flower patch clue 15

Can you believe it, one more block to go for a finished Flower Patch? If you guessed block 15 would be another Cardinal block you were correct. Block 15 is the same as block 12 so if you’ve saved the file you will not need to download another one.

How are you liking your quilt? You should be very proud of yourself if you have made it this far and I am wondering if you have a different opinion about paper piecing now?

Flower Patch SAL Sponsors

pisland batik
hobbs batting


Shipping to US and Canada only. Sorry, shipping is crazy within the US and Canada is double + that price. International pricing is higher yet.

US and Canada winners.

1 winner will receive a GO! Me.

1 winner-Hobbs Batting

1 winner- fq bundle of Island Batik

1 winner-winners choice of 1 pattern from my Etsy Shop


Thank you for sewing along.


    1. I forgot to say I’ve always enjoyed foundation paper piecing. It’s the only way to make some designs. I’m not sure we could have made the flowers or the birds with ordinary piecing.

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