Flower Patch Mystery SAL

Welcome to my first Mystery Quilt Sew Along

Are you ready for some paper piecing? You can do it! You will be amazed and feel so accomplished with how nice your points turn out and how square the blocks finish.

I hope you’ll join me every two weeks until the final show on May 13, 2022. At the end of this sew along you will have a finished 70″ x 70 quilt.

Notice the Cardinal and Bluejay in the logo? These are my paper pieced blocks and will be included in the quilt. See, you got the first clue a couple weeks ago and didn’t realize it.

Please read all the way though this post, I know its long but it includes information pertaining to this sew along.

Layout and block release date

Don’t worry about trying to save these images as they are included with your first download. You will also find a link to this post on the Flower Patch SAL page here.

There you will find a link to every block post and link up, and download (until block expiration-see notes at bottom of post) until the closing of the QAL. You find the link to the main Sew Along page in the top menu labeled Flower Patch SAL or by clicking its logo on the right side bar.

Below are the block release dates. Beginning with the Sept 29th Block 2 release there will be a link up at the bottom of the post when it’s required. Be sure you link up to every one in order to be included in the prizes at the end of the sew along. You MUST link up every 2 weeks or you will forfeit your chance of winning a prize.

mystery quilt sal dates

Following the schedule above.

Sept 15 block 1 will be released.

Sept 29th block 2 will be released and there is a link up. For this first linkup you will share a photo with your chosen fabrics and block 1 finish. If they’re scrappy and you want to share a pile of fabric pulled from the basket as is, there’s no need to dress it up on our account. You will have 2 weeks to link your photo. At 11:59pm US Central Time on Oct 26th that link up will no longer be active.

Oct 13th. New block release.


Block 4 release and link up on Oct 27th you will share a photo of finished blocks 2 and 3. Make sense? Again, you will have until 11:59 pm US Central Time, one minute before the new release and link up becomes active to link your new blocks photo.

Each link up will remain active for 2 weeks, meaning you have 2 weeks to link up your blocks and then entries will close. The thumbnails you enter will remain. Don’t want to sound like a broken record.

How to link up click here


pisland batik

see disclosure

Island Batik supplied the following fabrics to me for the sew along. Below, I have included a couple of links if you would like to use the same though I cannot promise you will find them all at the same shop.

These fabrics have been chosen because of their availability, they are not seasonal fabrics but available throughout the year. Assuming shops carry them.

Yardage estimates assume width of fabric is 44″ wide. If you follow my pre-cutting and piecing directions with each block download you will have a little of each fabric remaining. Otherwise, you may consider purchasing an additional 1/4 yards of the blues and background (white) fabric.

flower patch fabrics

Beginning top left, Azure, Shark and Navy. Candy and Cherry are the reds. I am also using their solid white batik for my background.

2 y Azure or medium toned blue or fabric of your choice.

2 y Shark or light toned blue or fabric of your choice.

1-1/2 y Navy or dark toned blue or fabric of your choice. This includes binding, please reference the download for breakdown.

4-1/4 y white for background fabric.

5 y white for backing.

1/4 y light and 1/4 y med of red or blue for Cardinal and/or Bluejay blocks (reds are shown on chart). Nothing too contrasting, You could opt for a red or blue solid and a blender.

Small scrap pieces for bird beaks.

If you opt for a 2 color quilt, you will need 6 y of your chosen focus fabric and 4-1/4 y of background fabric. And a few small scraps for the birds beak.



You will need a few tools:

• Rotary cutter and mat

• A few clips or straight pins

• Pair of shears, large or small for thread clipping etc

• Add-a-Quarter ruler. Alt. any ruler with a well defined 1/4″ line.

• A ruler with a well defined 1/4″ line for block trimming. 18″ long recommended.

• Glue Stick. I prefer the Purple Washable School Glue Stick by Elmers. You can use the white however, using the purple you can see where you have applied it and how much.

• Printer and Printer paper. 8.5″ x 11″. Regular printer paper will work just fine but the lighter weight the better. My preference is News Print. You could also use the freezer paper method but that process will not be covered in my tutorial for the blocks.

• If you don’t have a printer you can add the pdf download to a thumb drive and take it to your local printer or office supply for printing.


Island Batik Store Locator to find a shop near you who carries Island Batik.

MaryMackMadeMine Etsy Shop. She has white, navy, Valentino (a nice red) and 2 blues, plus other shades that would work as well.

Dora’s Spinning Wheel Has a small selection.


Thank you AccuQuilt and Hobbs Batting for sponsoring the SAL.

hobbs batting

Shipping to US and Canada only. Sorry, shipping is crazy within the US and Canada is double + that price. International pricing is higher yet.

US and Canada winners. The number of winners is dependent on the number of sponsors.

AccuQuilt, GO! us. There is 1 GO!me to be awarded.

1 winner-Hobbs Batting Heirloom Premium Cotton.

1 winner- fq bundle from me to be announced later.

1 winner- winners choice of 1 pattern from my Etsy Shop

Awaiting confirmation from possible additional sponsors and will share as I confirm.

For international participants, I am so sorry shipping has gotten so crazy. Of course I do not want to leave you out.

3 winners will be chosen. Winners choice of any 1 pdf pattern in my Etsy Shop.

Just in case there are not enough participants who have followed along to the end and linked up each month prizes will be divided as equally as possible between those who have.

The final link up will run from May 13, 2022 through May 27, 2022. You will have until May 27th, 2022 11:59 pm US Central Time to link your finished flimsy. Winners will be announced May 28, 2022 and I will share the finished flimsy’s in that post as well.

The fine print

Following the schedule provided above, blocks will be released for free and available for 1 month, see important note below. Copyright applies.

Due to click bait and others not understanding “free” does not mean free to share anothers pattern as your own, on your website or distribute it in any way;

Sew Alongs: free blocks will only remain free for the month or time frame in which they are to be made. After that, there will be a charge of $1.50 US.per block.
•There is a yearly domain and hosting fee I pay so I can provide content and have a platform to promote my patterns. There is a lot of time involved in creating patterns so we can enjoy our favorite past time.
For these reasons a minimal fee will now be charged on block and quilt patterns that were once “free” in my Payhip shop.

The Sew along blocks will be available for a longer period of time in my For the Love of Geese facebook group. You can find that by clicking the link in the right side bar.

Please understand I am not trying to take advantage of you, only trying to prevent others from taking advantage of me and my work.


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