Forgotten fabric rediscovered

The weekend before last I cleaned my old sewing room and it’s closet. While cleaning I found a box of red fabric I had cut a few years ago with a rotary cutter. The triangles and squares were not cut accurately due to the fabric shifting under the ruler . It was actually the last time I tried cutting triangles for hst’s and I don’t remember the quilt I was going to make with them now.

The fabric almost went into a trash bag but then I realized I could use the AccuQuilt GO! to re-cut everything and I did.  Boy, I thought black was a difficult color to photograph.  The crappy looking window in the background, that’s going to be my dry erase board. Hopefully I have time soon to knock some of that old lead paint off and repaint it, grins.

redandwhitequilt, patchworkquilt, 2colorquilt,treeoflife, accuquilt

So I decided to make a Tree of Life block, shared last week. Since, I have made additional blocks all from 2″ finished hst’s, 2″ finished squares and 4″ finished hst’s. It’s no easy task finding blocks that only uses these sizes/

redandwhitequilt, patchworkquilt, 2colorquilt,treeoflife, accuquilt

So far I’ve been pretty lucky. Think it’s time for me to add a new design wall? Before I make additional blocks I’m trying to plan on a layout. To this point there was no planning, I just started stitching. There are more flying geese than what is shown below.  I’m undecided about the chain block in the upper right corner below.

redandwhitequilts, redandwhitequilt, patchworkquilt, twocolorquilt, twocolorquilts, hstquilts

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  1. Hi Denise! I’m so glad this pretty red and white fabric didn’t end up in the trash. This is going to make a lovely quilt top once you decide on a layout and piece it all together. This is one of my favorite color combinations. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Mine too. It is a little challenging having different sized blocks but I need the distraction of it.

    1. Most of the work was done since I only had 3 shapes/sizes to work with. That eliminated many blocks and the blocks I had the patches for range in size so there’s been no planning and no clear direction. Fun though.

  2. You found a hidden treasure Denise! I have a couple of project boxes with some cut fabric and I have no idea what I was planning on making. You’re doing a good job breathing new life into those fabrics, and I love the two color theme. Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

    1. It’s been interesting if nothing else. Even if it’s a flop I am learning the art of improve, lol.

  3. Something I wish I had learned a long time ago. Square up your blocks to the correct size and press them. I finally learned this and my quilts look much better now.

  4. Your blocks look fantastic! Great idea, recutting with your Accuquilt dies. I do like that chain block in the upper right. Right now, it’s the only one you have with so much white in it, but if you make a few more that have similar amounts of negative space and scatter their placement in the final layout, it will add a lot of interest versus blocks that are all too similar. Plus those open white areas are so fabulous for the quilting! Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and do wear some kind of mask if you’ll be scraping lead paint! Although, the peeling paint actually looks very shabby-chic and “photo stylist” in the pictures!

    1. Thank you. Yesterday I stopped constructing blocks and began joining the ones I do have to give me an idea of how I should continue. The chain block is 20″ and the largest and somehow I managed to force myself to use it since it’s not a planned quilt. Because all the blocks are different sizes I’ve had to incorporate a lot of negative space so hopefully it will balance itself out. Ah the window, I’m still undecided on what to do with it but I will have a clear plan before I do anything.

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