go BIG or go home with AccuQuilt

go BIG or go home with AccuQuilt, Island Batik and Hobbs Batting. Finally, I am able to share my newest finish for AccuQuilt. A few months ago I remade a table runner with updated fabric for them. Remember seeing this? Not sure what I did with the other one I made. It’s okay though, you will see it if you follow the link below, its the one on the table. You can see the post on my website here.

pumpkin table runner

The pattern is called Bountiful Gift and it is a free pattern offered by AccuQuilt. It is a quick and easy finish project since there is really little sewing involved especially if you use their free embroidery files for the applique shapes.

The runner above was given to one of my sisters oldest friends who loves fall.

go BIG or go home

…was inspired by the love of hunting the men in my life share. My husband and son are life long hunters and follow in the footsteps of many of their ancestors.

When AccuQuilt put out a call for the re-release of the GO! Deer Head die I jumped right in. Bountiful gift utilized their GO! Fall Medley die and deer season begins here in Southern Illinois in October, it was a no brainer. I love the pattern but to be honest I am thinking more on the lines of a platter of chicken wings sitting in the center of that runner with dips on each end instead of venison platter. But that’s just me.

I did change up the original pattern a bit but I couldn’t decide which block layout to use. This one…

or this one. Since my husband chose the star I went with the first one, lol. Either of these blocks or many more could be used in the runner and if you have the 12″ Mix N Match Qube the hardest part will be deciding which block to make.

The runner coming together

The block layout I chose is a perfect frame for the deer head.

The Fall Medley die includes an oak leaf, maple leaf, pumpkin and acorns. I love the look of the center section that includes all but the acorns. Perhaps I will make this section on a larger scale that I can actually place a turkey platter in the center with the leaves and pumpkin visible around it. Wouldn’t that be beautiful for Thanksgiving?

In my post for AccuQuilt I also suggested making the center section, add Welcome to the middle and hanging it on the door to welcome visitors throughout the fall. If I had a storm door on my home I would certainly do that.

Loki is getting very good at photo bombing my projects that I lay on the floor to take progress photos. Not sure if he didn’t like this one or if he was just guarding it. Aah, maybe he realized this was smaller and he would hide what needed to be shown.

I have come to love photos with the old truck. Just like our loved ones, we never know how much time we have left with them. In 2012 I sold my VW Thing that I inherited because my husband was running out of room in his shed. With the Thing and my every day car in there it left little room for him to work.

He convinced me the Thing was not something that he could work on and make it safe for me to drive in the spring and summer months, The first person who called and came to look at it bought it. The day he returned with a trailer to haul it off I cried. Yes, I cried, I really did and if you know me that would be hard to believe.

The runner in the woods

Accuquilt, island batik

You can read more about the runner and find instructions on the AccuQuilt Blog.

Fabric and quilting

So, the fabric pull is all Island Batik and if you were to see the fall colors here in Southern Illinois you would totally get the selection. The background is from Island Batik Solids collection.

island batik

For quilting I chose Hobbs Batting Thermcore for it’s lightweight, low loft properties. We can’t have our chicken winds sliding off the platter because we have a thick batting.


    1. It’s funny how we grow attached to certain things. Doubtful I would have cried over it if I had bought it. Thank you Michelle

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