Happy New year

Happy New Year everyone!

2019 was a full year and brought about many changes. It was my first year as an Island Batik Ambassador, AccuQuilt GO!Getter, my son officially moved out of our home and is now married.

For the most part the weather cooperated. It was a cloudy day but for Dec 28th is was warm.  It drizzled all day and the heavy rain held off until about 6pm. The wedding was Christmas themed.  It’s official, I am a mil and a grandma to 3 yo Elliott.

If you are a history geek or just enjoy old buildings, the wedding photo was taken outside Hamilton Primary School. More info

I have mixed feeling of how this new year is beginning. While I am extremely happy to start year 2 as an Island Batik Ambassador the year itself has not started too great. New Years Eve morning I broke my toe. I wear Crocs as house shoes. They are great for standing in front of the quilt frame for extended periods of time and easy to slip on and off. However they can be dangerous. The floors in my home are either wood or ceramic tile. Sometimes the Crocs grip the floor.

I tripped on the rocking chair with my left foot, the right shoe gripped the wood floor and threw me forward into the wood stove. Fortunately it wasn’t hot.  So I spent New Years Day in the ER.

I have vowed to never wear them again unless I am quilting or working in the yard. The radiologist told me they see more fall injuries from Crocs than any other single cause.  Hmm, sounds like they should have a warning label.

First Ib challenge of 2020

The first challenge of the new year is a scrappy project.  I hinted in last weeks Put your foot down about hexies. Though my project and post is not ready I will share this with you today. I used the AccuQuilt 3 size hexie die to cut them.  It will be a small wall hanging and completely made from scraps, including the thread. What do you do with a cone of thread that is almost gone? Too much to throw away and not enough to quilt a large project? I’m not real happy with the finish so I decided to use up the remaining scraps from the Speak Easy line. islandbatik, islandbatikambassador, hobbsbatting, aurifilthread, schmetzneedles, fortheloveofgeese, quiltingfabric, quilts, paperpiecedquilts, accuquilt

Some projects from 2019. I feel like  I am forgetting something. Perhaps it’s just the 3 quilts I cannot share yet.

Come back every Thursday and link up your projects to put your foot down.

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    1. Easy on easy off is why I purchased the Crocs and they are comfy for standing long periods of time. I will check out your brand, thank you.

  1. So sorry about your toe! Gosh that must hurt. I don’t wear Crocs and I guess I won’t try now. Love those hexies, such gorgeous colors! Your quilt is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. The wedding must have been most romantic- love that cape. Now, about that foot…Didn’t start 2020 on the right foot, did you?sorry, couldn’t help myself. You certainly had a busy 2019 making some terrific projects. That Tidal Wave is my favourite, but there are lots of beauties in those pictures. Better luck with the rest of 2020.

    1. Lol no I did not. I’m an optimistic person though and see it as a sign that it is only going to get better. Tidal Wave is one of my faves. The wedding was very nice and I loved how the red cape added the splash of color. One of the little girls in their church thought it was a cape from a Disney film (I cant remember which). My dil made one for her as a belated Christmas gift. Thank you for stopping by and the smile this morning.

  3. I don’t use thread cones, but I tend to hand sew the hexies or other small projects with bits left on spools.

    1. That’s a great idea to plan for since I do plan to do some hand sewing this year. If my hands can tolerate it.

  4. Glad the wedding went well. Must have been painful for you with your broken toe though. Hope it is feeling somewhat better already.

  5. Oh dear, I hope you foot gets better quickly. My down fall was wedge shoes. I rolled my ankle and spent 6 weeks in a soft cast. I didn’t break it, but spangled it really badly. Shoes can be dangerous. Love seeing all your wonderful finished projects for 2019.

    1. Oh dear, I am well aware the pain a sprained ankle can be and sometimes it hurts as bad as a break. I am a bit of a clutz. If I wear anything taller than a cowboy boot there is a broken bone or sprain waiting to happen. For the toe, they wrapped it in an ace bandage and gave me a very nice shoe to wear. I keep a pair of crutches in the closet because let’s face it, they are my best friend. Thank you for stopping by today.

  6. Hi Denise! OUCH. I’m sorry you broke your toe but I’m glad it happened AFTER the wedding. Who knew Crocs were SO grippy?! I know just what you mean though, as I almost tripped a few times over a similar issue. I’ll tell you exactly what I do with thread that is almost gone! I use it for sewing seams when it doesn’t matter what color thread is used. For example, I had a wee bit of navy thread that I used on some black fabrics. Conversely, I had some light gray that I used on white/light fabrics. No one really cares what color thread is used, and the bobbin was a different color from the top! Then I recycle the spool. TMI I’ll bet. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Oh, so sorry about your toes. Hope they heal quickly, and good to inform us about Crocs. I didn’t know the danger and I was thinking about buying some. Now I won’t. Your pictures of 2019 finishes was a great show. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing with Design Wall Mondays, Judy

    1. Crocs are very comfy when I am standing at the quilt frame and I wont change to something different. Thank you for the linkup and being so kind.

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