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Gremlins, goblins and Ghosts

OH MY! Well, I wonder if ghost’s and spiders are okay to be included in the hop, I sure hope so cause that’s all I got.

A huge thank you to Joan from Moosestash Quilting for hosting and organizing the hop. Halloween has always been my favorite, it’s the only time you get to dress up and be whomever you like. And, I have been just about everything you can imagine. We didn’t have the luxury of store bought costumes and by the time us 3 youngest girls came along our mom did not have time to sew. We had to use our imagination and that was the best part of it. Not to say we weren’t jealous of all those neat costumes with plastic masks. Today I look back and appreciate the use of our own imagination.

My Halloween project

But first a story.

If you google McPike Mansion you will be greeted with her magnificent beauty. The home has been vacant my entire life and rumor has it there are spirits who walk the halls and grounds. I couldn’t say, I’ve never seen anything there. My husband and his friends used to party there and except for the bee room, nada.

The house has been featured on a few of the ghost hunting shows and they beg to differ.

I could continue but why, you can visit her on Wiki and see the photo I used for my project or this creepy video, click here. McPike Mansion will re-air on the travel channel Oct 20th.

Speaking of Wiki

McPike Mansion was featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures entitled “McPike Mansion” that aired as a special in 2019 on the Travel Channel. The team of paranormal investigators explored the home and its property, which is said to be haunted by its former inhabitants.[13] The structure also appeared in the series Scariest Places on Earth. It was also featured on Season 1, Episode 7 of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and an episode of Ghost Lab.


No I am not referring to death. Instead I am talking about the AccuQuilt dies that helped me pull off haunted Halloween.

For the lettering I used GO! Carefree Alphabet Uppercase Set (2-Die Set) and GO! Carefree Alphabet Lowercase Set (2-Die Set). The uppercase letters are 3″ tall and both come with a free embroidery file with purchase. I chose to use Hotfix Adhesive instead because it is supposed to form a permanent bond with no stitching required. I’ve not used it enough to tell you that is a true of false statement.

applique alphabet, accuquilt,

GO! Pumpkins Die offers three sizes of pumpkins.

applique pumpkin, accuquilt pumpkins

My favorite, GO! Halloween Medley Die. Not pictured below is the witches hat that is also on the die.

applique spider, applique ghost, accuquilt dies

GO! Fall Medley Die has many uses but for this project it was definitely about Halloween.


First I started with the outside shape of the house and secured it on top of the moon. There was little attention paid to the shape of the windows and entry doors because it is a haunted Halloween after all. Haunted houses just aren’t perfect.

haunted house applique, applique wall hanging, halloween quilt

Next, I started by adding the trimmings. Originally the entry door was double wooden doors that were arched and had leaded glass windows.

haunted house applique, applique wall hanging, halloween quilt

Finally, I added a border and positioned all the appliques to my liking.

My finish minus binding. We have a creepy cat, ghosts popping out behind pumpkins, a ghost with a witches hat, maple and oak leaves and all those creepy crawly spiders (the only spiders I like).

applique pumpkin, accuquilt pumpkins, mcpike mansion, haunted mansions, haunted halloween

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  1. Hi Denise, what a great project – you did great! I’m not surprised that you love Hallowe’en! As kids, we used to go to the church rummage sale and buy cool dresses etc. It was always so much fun to make up a costume that way. Thanks for the comments on my posts – I’m feeling much better and my Swirling Leaves project is almost, sort of….done. 🙂 Take care and enjoy today’s festivities!

    1. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope to remember to stop by this week and link up, if it’s your week of course.

  2. What a wonderfully creepy creation. Love it all but I’m liking the spiders the best.. Thanks also for your background on the basis of this creation.

  3. The perspective of the house is amazing! Thank you for sharing your process. The letters might just be my favorite!

  4. Great quilt! I love your haunted house and the creepy spiders crawling all over give me the shivers! Eww! Thank you for the info on the McPike house. I will check my local listings. I love a good ghost story, true or not; it’s always fun.

  5. Great spooky quilt Denise. I am quite smitten with your fabric choices, and your tale of the haunted mansion

  6. I love this haunted mansion and all the creepiness surrounding it! I would never be brave enough to walk through a house that just might be haunted, but I love reading about them. Thanks for sharing your spooky creation!

  7. Great haunted mansion and use of the Accuquilt dies. I have the pumpkin and leaves one, but not the creepy critters. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. I’ve not heard of McPike Mansion, but it reminded me of when we drove through Cairo, Illinois a few years ago. Your quilt is definitely a fun version of McPike. The fabric is perfect!

  9. Oh my but that is the sweetest haunted mansion I have seen! But wait there is so much fun in this quilt, I love it all Denise!

  10. Such a spooky and fun Halloween quilt. Your mansion is spot on and I’ll have to take time to read about it. I love a good spooky story.

  11. Of course spiders and ghosts are allowed. What Halloween is complete without them? LOL!!
    What a fun post. Not only did we get to learn about the McPike Mansion and its hauntings, but you recreated it as well. LOVE it!

  12. I love this quilt! The letters and figures around the border really add to it! I’m glad you shared your process and information about the house. Very cool.

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