Put your foot down #113

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Welcome, I invite you to stop in every Thursday and share your projects.

whats under my foot quilt linky party

Happy Thursday, aka almost Friday! It’s been a full week so I have a few things to share with you. First, if you are looking for scrappy quilt patterns I invite you to take a look at the new Annie’s Catalog book, Let’s Get Scrappy.

Gorgeous cover quilt huh? The blue one too but I’m talking about the the hexi quilt in the bottom left corner. Yep, that’s my quilt, the hexi quilt that is.

annies catalog
hexi quilt
hexi quil

The fabric was generously provided by Island Batik, it’s Flutter Fly designed by Kathy Engle.

I know it looks like the same pattern as my August quilt but it is different.

The August quilt, see more here. The same fabric but my how different.

island batik fabric hexi type quilt

How cute is this? Don’t let the cuteness fool you, there is an ornery character behind those eyes.


More Flutter Fly. This time it is for the Island Batik Sept challenge using a bag pattern from ByAnnie.

Upcoming Sew Along

flower patch sew along logo

Fabric requirements will be announced Sept 1st, hope to see you there. FedEx and UPS made deliveries this week from Island Batik and Hobbs Batting. You’ll have to wait until Sept 1st to see what’s inside.

sew along

Machine is clean (well mostly), oiled and a new needle installed awaiting the sew along. I’ll most likely use it for something else before the sew along because I just can’t stay out of that room.

schmetz needles

I’m seeing orange

Qubix from Susan of Quilt Fabrication makes me want to run out and purchase orange fabric. Beautiful finish for the Orange You Glad blog hop. Oh, there is a pattern available, link on her website.

Sherrie from Food for Thought also shared some orange.


  1. I really like your new hexie quilt. Your dog has such a cute face, but I know that can fool one. My cats were the same way.

  2. Oh my I am still laughing at your comment about your little Yorkie. Yes, Zoey is our second Yorkie we have ever had. Our first Ginger passed away at a good old age in May, so we got Zoey at 8 weeks old a week later. And yes they are ornery and have a mind of their own. However, I can not imagine every having another type dog. Zoey is a classic example of all that is so special of this breed, they have character in overdrive.

    1. Loki came home about a week after Enzo and he truly has been a blessing in that aspect. Comparing a Brussels Griffon to a Yorkie is like comparing a batik to gauze, day to night, apples and oranges. Other than giving Enzo a pet and a treat when he came home from work my husband rarely had anything to do with him and I don’t recall him ever picking up Enzo. Loki on the other hand, he plays with him and picks him up quite a bit, perhaps because he demands him attention. We have laughed so hard at Loki.

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