My interpretation of a hugs and kisses quilt

My interpretation of a hugs and kisses quilt, paper pieced of course.

While designing the quilt For the love of geese I played around with ideas for blocks to surround the medallion. There were several, none of which in my opinion blended well with the spikey geese border.
I pulled these couple block designs out along with the second test medallion block. My mission was to use the X and O blocks to create a design around the medallion. You know, use up some misfit blocks. Turns out, these two blocks compliment each other so well no additional block/s are needed. Xando is born. Yes Xando, x and o.

Lori at Quilting Needs inspired me to show the X block. We all make mistakes and have those less than perfect blocks and I am guilty of not showing my worst work. The X block shown is a test block, I don’t fix test blocks. They are tucked away in a misfit pile of their own.

x and o paper pieced blocks, for the love of geese

My Xando top is almost complete and being tested.











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    1. I’ve considered using a few of the test blocks for pillow shams. But they are test/misfit blocks after all. Never crossed my mind to make a large piece. Right now I amd really crushing on the two blocks together.

  1. Great name! Glad you spelled it out, I might have missed it. I had to really enlarge the block to find the misfit. Looked great as it showed on my phone.

  2. Great block! Hard to believe it was once rejected. So happy it’s found a home. Love the name Xando. Perfect for your new design! Thanks for sharing your progress on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. Thank you. I’ve updated the God’s Eye pattern if you want to take a look for your upcoming event.

  3. That is a gorgeous block! I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner about testing – I’m afraid I won’t be able to this time, but I really really admire that block!

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