Island Batik Blog Hop week 3 and new giveaway

Today is the beginning of week 3 for the Island Batik Blog Hop. There have been so many great projects shared so far and I have many favorites. Have you picked any favorites?

Island Batik will be giving away 2 fat quarter bundles again this week. Enter on any of the Island Batik Ambassador blogs, including below or visit the Island Batik Blog to enter.

This weeks fq bundles are Smooch and Sundance.

In other news

I had another productive weekend but I wasn’t able to participate in Jennifer’s (Inquiring Quilter) Saturday Sew-In the way I wanted to. When my son moved out and his bedroom became my sewing room, the old dark dreary sewing room became the catch all. Boxes that needed to go out for the trash but it was too early to set them out, fold up chairs from Thanksgiving that needed to be folded and put away, a parlor table that my husbands great grandfather made, the rocking chair I tripped over and broke my toe (yep it was moved in there), a dozen large boxes of my son’s belongings, the list goes on. Needless to say I have not done anything in that room except add to the mess in over a year and a half.

The boxes are now broke down and ready to go out Wednesday and most things are in the permanent home. The closet, oh my! I went through everything and decided to trash five 13 gallon trash bags of stuff I haven’t thought of in years. Gifted a couple items to my sister and pulled out the wire shelving that had been used for storage.

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It is now in my sewing room. Yes, I even tackled my sewing room and began to fill that wire shelf.  There’s still a ways to go but this is a start.

Recovered my ironing board for my work table which was long over due. New fabric is so dirty.

Worked on my 2nd project for the June IB challenge. Only one project is required but I loved Petal Pushers so much and have enough left after the first project for another. There was also a couple yards of the IB Rice left from a previous quilt to cut up for my background.  More on that Thursday.

The little quilt from vintage fabric, I decided to add the left over orange strips to the abundance of yellow strips for the binding. It is now a finished quilt.

vintagefabric, fortheloveofgeese, patchworkquilt

vintagefabric, fortheloveofgeese, patchworkquilt

vintagefabric, fortheloveofgeese, patchworkquilt


  1. Can’t wait until you reveal your surprise challenge quilts! I love that collection too. So pretty. Love the quilt you made with the vintage fabrics. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. June 1st will be the reveal of both June challenge projects I made. The second is even quilted but waiting on binding. Thank you for the linky party.

  2. That little quilt looks SO soft and cuddly. What kind of batting did you use? Also love the touch of mixing orange with yellow on the binding. And congrats on your organizing/cleaning/decluttering binge! Doesn’t it feel great to let go of all of that accumulated debris?

    1. it really did feel great to get rid of those things. I’m not much for clutter or congestion and that room was both so the door remained closed. It’s open now. I give away so much stuff (good stuff I could sell) because I tire of it and when I am tired of it I want it gone today. Hence going out in the trash. The batting, it was a scrap of Pelon Natures Touch Cotton. The orange in the binding distracted away from all that yellow in the border, I think it was a nice touch.

  3. Hi Denise! Great job on recovering your ironing board. I was just looking at mine, thinking it needs a pick-me-up. Your vintage fabric quilt looks great. I adore the two-colored binding. It’s very fitting! Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Lol my ironing board cover was past due on an update. Thank you about the binding, I was really unsure about it. I felt it needed more color than just the yellow but I only had a couple orange strips and several 2 1/2″ squares of the other colors.

  4. Love that quilt with the vintage fabric! Petal Pushers is so beautiful, can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it! I have a bundle I’ve been saving, maybe for the December Medallion challenge?

    1. It is a gorgeous collection, but most are. I loved it so much I had to make another quilt for June.

    1. I love how rich the colors are and the sheen on the fabric. Good luck on the rafflecopter drawing.

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