Minion quilt #2

applique and patchwork

With the fabric mishap I had to make another Minion quilt. This time with fabric purchased from a quilt shop.  I hadn’t planned to make an all white background but I think I like this one better than the mostly blue Minion. When I look at it it reminds my of my floor littered with toys when my son was little.

As for quilting, instead of following the pattern as I did with the first,  I quilted an E2E curly Q all over. Mostly because I was so over making this quilt and I could get it done in little to no time. Quilt patterns are great the first time around but when I make the same one back to back I get very bored. It survived the washing machine also. No shredded fabric.

In case you missed this first one: In a rush I purchased fabric from Walmart and when I laundered it some of the fabric shredded around my stitches. Both on the appliques and the paper pieced blocks. If it had just been around the appliques or just around the traditional pieced pinwheels I would accept my share of the blame. But there were also areas of shredding in the paper pieced blocks as well. The blue quilt was donated to a little girl with a liver disease waiting on a transplant. I hope she enjoys it.

applique and patchwork

More circles cut from Levis for a Cathedral Window quilt. I suppose I will continue cutting them  until I have made my fabric choices from scrap for my next quilt, a Burgoyne surround.


    1. Thank you Beth. The number of people who said they wanted the quilt was unreal. Thank you for hosting the linky party.

  1. So sorry to hear about the mishap! Very disappointing. I learned long ago however that it’s just not worth it to me to buy non-quilt store fabric. I just end up with piecing and quilting problems. Probably it’s my old machine, but anyway I just don’t do it anymore because I hate the hassle it causes. Love the minions and I know that anyone who receives the quilt will simply love it. Makes me smile just to see it, and what a gift to give to someone who’s recovering from illness! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. You can be sure it wont happen again. If I ever cut myself short of time I will throw a scrap quilt together. Thank you for hosting the linky party.

  2. Love the white quilt much better too! The blue and yellow stand out so much more. It’s an adorable quilt and I totally get where you are coming from when you say you just wanted to be done!!

    1. So far the white quilt seems to be everyone’s favorite of the 2. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words.

  3. How frustrating to have the first quilt shred that way. I understand about making the same quilt back to back – I once had to make three of the same queen size quilt and I was totally over it by the third one! I’m happy you were able to finish your second quilt, it looks so good. And the white background makes all the color bits just pop! Thanks for sharing your post on MCM; I hope you have more fun in your sewing space this week!

    1. I wouldn’t have survived 3 of these and its only 54″x54″, you are a saint. Thank you for hosting the link party!

  4. I did mis the mishap with the first quilt, so thanks for recapping. That sounds awful and soul destroying! You know what…. I am not usually a big fan of white on quilts, but I like this second version even better than the first too! Well done on getting a second one made back to back, that can be a tough ask.

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