Final month of Mosaic QAL

This is the final month of our Mosaic QAL  If you have stuck with me until the end you have my gratitude. This has been a learning experience for me so before we begin I’d like to ask one more thing of you. Please leave me a note in the comment section below or click on the “Contact”  link at the top. Honest feedback on the templates, directions, estimated yardage amounts given,  etc. What you liked or disliked?


Cut 40 squares from your background fabric – 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ squares.

36 of these will be used for patch #1 on the arch blocks.

The remaining 4 will be used for the corner blocks. For best finished result use the corner templates provided.

Arch fabric

For patch #2-9. Continue piecing with strips, or your preferred method. Your strips will need to be at least 1  1/2″ wide.  Your comfort level for piecing these pointed patches will determine how many strips you will use.  Since we are nearing the end of the quilt you will want to be very conservative and not cut too many strips.  To begin with, cut 2 strips 1 1/2″ wide x wof. Piece one of the blocks to determine how much fabric you will use.  Don’t be afraid to use some of the small scraps for patch #’s 2, 3, 4 and 5.

For patch #10-11  strips 1 1/4″ wide will more than cover. For these you will need 12 strips 1 1/4″ x 44″.



Now lets wrap it up
paper pieced flying geese quilt, mosaic qal
Mosaic Quilt with points out

The arch blocks are much easier than they look and are a speedy block to complete. You will have to pay close attention while pressing making sure your seams are laying flat.

Before you begin piecing take a look at the templates. Pls note patches #10-11 on the template. Be aware of these patches and seam lines when doing your final trimming.

Regarding patch #10 and # 11 on this template.

Patch #10. In case you are wondering, I added this strip with quilting on a frame in mind. At the time it was my plan to have the points going in. This would mean having 7 seams per block on the outside of the quilt which could cause distortion or other issues for your longarmer. It proved useful with points going out also.

Press the seams well before stitching patch #10 to the template.  After you complete the block it is also helpful to press again on fabric and paper side. The paper will flip up. Run your glue stick along the outside edge of the paper the length of the patch, smooth with your  fingers then press down with the iron.

Patch #11. Follow the same pressing and gluing instructions from patch #10.

Finally, decide if you want the points facing in or out.  On my quilt I chose to go out with them and this left me feeling like something was missing. I contemplated adding an additional border but in the end left it alone.

Diagrams for joining border strips, click 2 links below.

Join sides

Join top and bottom



Tip: When attaching the borders to your quilt find the center of the quilt and the center of the border strip. Baste or glue from the center to corners. Then sew.

1)Join 9 arch blocks together to form a strip, do this 2 times.

2)Next join 9 arch blocks and add the corner blocks to both ends. Do this 2 times.

3) If you did not attach the long side of the flying geese border last month: Join the long sides of the flying geese border to the 9 block arch strip. Do this for both sides.

4)Now join the combined geese/arch borders to the sides of your quilt.

5)Finish off by adding the 9 block arch strips with corners to the top and bottom of your quilt.

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    1. Hmm I’m not sure but I bet we’ll have the good fortune of crossing paths again in the future. Thank you and thank you for stopping by.

  1. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt. Love that outer border and the fact that you thought about all those seams. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. The arch border is my favorite part of the entire quilt. I drew the pattern with points going in but thought it looked too closed off, like something was missing.So I went points out. By doing so I eliminated the natural border the arches formed.

  2. I’m hanging in but way behind! Almost done the 2nd set of blocks (month 2) Yikes! I promised myself I wouldn’t work on any new quilts til this one is done!!!
    I’m enjoying the experience but have not had enough time for quilting!!!!!
    I really like your method of piecing with strips. Much less wasteful.

    1. Not everyone is as dedicated to sewing. I work feverishly on something until its done. With the exception of the green and white Nostalgia Twist. Because I have already made one I’ve allowed myself some time out of the sewing room, aka dragging my heels. The first one I had done in less than 2 weeks. You’ll get it done and I cant wait to see it.

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