Mosaic QAL month 4. Templates available until June 14th

paper piecing, Mosaic quilt, paper pieced flying geese, foundation quiltingPattern testers wanted for new pattern. See post here.

Mosaic QAL month  4 is here. You are getting so close to completing this quilt. I cant wait for you to share  photos  of your completed top .

This month you will be making the inside border. All 24 blocks are  identical, the 4 corner blocks are also identical. If you are following a color scheme I suggest you lay the templates  on the floor prior to piecing.  Mark them with notes to yourself.

For my geese border I chose to alternate the fabrics.  For my sashing on these templates I decided to go with a dark blue fabric.

Fabric-geese patches

Cut  24 strips 2″ x 18″.

Geese sky fabric

Continue cutting 2″ strips as needed.

Sashing/rectangle fabric

Cut 24 strips 2″ x  9″

These strips will form the border around the everything we have pieced to this point.

Cut 8 strips 2″ x 5″

These will be used for the corner templates

Joining the blocks from Feb-April

Join your blocks in 3 rows of 3, as shown in the diagram. But do not join the rows together. 

paper piecing, flying geese, mosaic quilt, foundation piecing,
Sew blocks into strips

Next join 6 of your geese border templates without the corners. Stitch this strip to the top row.  Piecing diagram

Join 6 more geese templates and join to the bottom row.

Now you may join your 3 rows. It just makes handling easier.


Finally, make 2 more strips of 6 flying geese border templates to form the sides. Attach the corners.

Join the sides.

paper pieced flying geese, paper piecing, flying geese, mosaic quilt, foundation piecing,
Join geese border to block strips. Join all together



Find the center of your block strips and flying geese border strips.  Use your preferred method to mark the centers. I prefer to use a dab of glue to baste the 2 together but you can use a pin if you prefer.  After basting the centers together line up your corners, baste or pin. Line up seams between the pins, use pins or glue baste. Stitch.

Mosaic month 4 download no longer available






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    1. Oh you will be so impressed with their appearance. The points of the geese seem to be magnified and the lines look so clean.

  1. Stunning quilt. Every month it gets better and better! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Oh, GOSH that’s a lot of geese! It’s absolutely stunning, in both colorways.

    1. Thank you, I think it could use a few more geese but I don’t know where I would put them. lol

    1. Thank you. Yes there definitely are lots, I would have to look it up to say just how many.

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