Mosaic QAL progress and host change nightmare

How are you progressing on the Mosaic Quilt?

If you have visited my site this last week you have likely encountered problems. I’ve not been hacked, it is safe. Instead I have changed web hosts. is so limited on what you can and cannot do, even with a paid account. After my 2nd host in a week I believe I am now on the right path. If you encounter errors as you click around the site I apologize. It’s a slow process but I am confident it will be back to normal soon.

With that said, not enough time has been spent this past week working on my Mosaic Quilt.  All of the templates are complete and stacked by my machine. My completed blocks are also waiting to be stitched together. That doesn’t stop me from placing them on the floor for a photo op.

mosaic quilt, flying geese quilt, paperpiecing
After 3 months

As I progress I am very pleased with my fabric choices.

March 14th the new block templates will be posted. So grab your February download while you can. Although there are a lot of flying geese  piecing goes relatively fast. If you have never paper pieced and shy away from this quilt because of the flying geese, give paper piecing a try. They may just become your favorite quilt block.

Don’t like the pinwheel and star blocks?  They can be replaced with your own design. Prior to deciding to share this as a QAL my plan was to add compass blocks. Because many quilters avoid those sharp points I decided on this design. I hope you are enjoying it.



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  1. I really like how your new site looks; very neat and tidy AND easy to read. Good luck getting everything transferred. I have twice lost a blog transferring from one platform to another so I have given up now.
    Your Mosaic quilts is gorgeous and I hope to make it one day. Thanks for doing this QAL

    1. Thank you. Everything was transferred but some photos aren’t showing up. That is fixed with time. Please share photos if you do make the quilt.

  2. Wow, that quilt would be a challenge to me with all those Flying Geese. Good luck with the blog host change. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

    1. Thank you for hosting the link party. Believe it or not the quilt is really a very easy design to paper piece.

  3. This is the first post I’ve visited with your Mosaic Quilt shown. It is lovely. I agree, your colors are perfect! Good luck with the next month’s blocks.

  4. Very good fabric choices indeed! It’s looking fantastic – thank you for sharing an in progress pic on Midweek Makers!

  5. Hi Denise,
    Wow, this looks like a fabulous quilt. I missed all your previous posts about the QAL. I’m sorry! But I look forward to seeing them from now on. I’m sorry you had problems with WP. I am annoyed that comments cannot be made on my WP site but only on my website. Perhaps I need to make a move as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. There’s still time to join in if you like. Why arent comments allowed? Do you have it setup to allow comments? was very frustrating. It seemed like everything I wanted to do I couldn’t because they don’t allow plugins. So…I switched to and that is great so far. But choosing the web host is what was a nightmare. Eventually I ended up with Bluehost and they were very helpful.

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