Mosaic Quilt QAL part 2. Available thru April 14th

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Month 2


Mosaic QAL month 2 begins today.  This month there are also 4 identical blocks to complete.  Assemble the templates following your preferred pp method or refer to my tutorial here.     

If you are new to paper piecing let me reassure you, I used my seam ripper and tape multiple times when piecing  this quilt. Mostly because I either used the same geese fabric as the previous patch or because I didn’t place my strip properly. A few times I thought I could get away with using a piece of trimmed scrap that didn’t work out well. The instance I shouldn’t share because it is a major blond moment, I had sewn the same colored geese fabric twice in a row, after removing my duplicate I turned around and stitched the exact same strip in its place. After removing it once more and now taping my template I started again. But this time I grabbed a background/sky strip and stitched that to the template. Wrong again, what was I thinking? Fortunately I had already applied tape or I would have been printing a new template. Rest assured I did finally get it right. So don’t be discouraged.

Each completed block this month will measure 15 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ (with seam allowance). These blocks will fit between your corners forming the 8 outside squares of a 9 patch block. Next month will finish off the 9 patch layout with just one block. The dimensions aren’t accurate in the example below, the layout is an example.



Geese fabric.

As with the Feb block, trim strips to 2″. Begin piecing with any remaining strips from Feb.  When I began piecing this months blocks I had half each of my 22 strips in a different color remaining and added 1 more set of 22 strips measuring 2″ x 18″. Again I was left with about half of each strip after piecing all 4 blocks. Rounding up to whole numbers that would be 66 strips total of 2″ x 18″ from my 22 colors of fabric

If you are using 44″ wide fabric I recommend you cut your strips as you move forward from here till the end. Based on my figures from the fat quarter strips the closest total estimate I can give for the 9 inside blocks using 44″ wide fabric is a total of 27 strips of colored fabric cut at 2″ x 44″.

Background/sky fabric. 

Continue to cut 2″ strips as needed. By now you have realized how small these triangles are and you feel like you will never reach the end of one strip.

Sashing fabric. 

Cut strips as needed one at a time as you move forward. ( I feel like I am writing a cooking recipe)

Assembling the block

Just like last month, I recommend you lay your templates in front of you paper side up to match the block layout diagram

Free March download has ended.

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