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Welcome to my stop in the  “My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop” organized by Carla at Creatin in the Sticks. Thank you Carla, this has been a great source of inspiration and I now have a new bucket list.

With  so much creativity floating around in this hop  I hope you aren’t disappointed with what I have to share. Flying geese are my favorite block to make, to look at, to manipulate, to use as fillers and to create movement in a quilt.  The desire really was there to create a  quilt full of geese and I even thought of layouts. Given my new found love of half square triangles I decided to make a block I’ve been admiring for years.

The new love of hst is due to the AccuQuilt fabric cutter. Thank you AccuQuilt!

Before I received it as an Island Batik Ambassador I avoided making them. When there was no choice, I’d print some hst  sheets or paper piece them. Now it seems I cannot get enough, I need to make more. It’s like a hst frenzy.

The block I am sharing today  can be  found in Maggie Malone’s 5500 Quilt Block Designs called Tiger Lily.  The block intimidated me having 31 hst out of 64 patches. Every time I picked up the book I would have to stop and admire it and tell myself, “I will make this some day”. Today is the day.

quiltingtreasures, bloghop, halfsquaretrianglequilt, floralquilts, fortheloveofgeese quiltingtreasures, bloghop, halfsquaretrianglequilt, floralquilts, fortheloveofgeese











Knowing  I would never do anything with a small  I had to make it large enough for  a wall hanging or newborn quilt. So I decided on a 32″  block which meant each patch would finish at 4″. With the AccuQuilt cutter I had them all cut and pieced in no time using the 4″ finished square and the 4″ finished hst dies. It took longer to figure out how many green, peach; light and dark hst’s, and how many solids of all 4 fabrics I would need.

For each block

The peaches and green are QT Fabric, my background is muslin and sorry, I don’t remember what the yellow is.

21- 4″ squares in muslin or background fabric

3- 4″ square yellow

6- 4″ hst light peach

9-4″ square light peach

12-4″ hst dark peach

13- 4″ hst green

You can place up to 6 layers of fabric on the AccuQuilt die so you can cut 6 blocks with one pass. I found when loading the fabric it’s best to place 3  layers of fabric right sides together  to save more of my precious time.   So I alternated  peach, muslin, peach muslin, peach. muslin. Then just peel them apart 2 layers at a time and chain piece.

The Tiger Lily brought out the sewing beast in me.

It didn’t seem proper to stop at  just one block so I made 3 more. That’s 124 half square triangles in total which is a lot for me considering just a few months ago I avoided them. It was so easy. In fact, pressing,  cutting, piecing and top assembly only took me about 12 hours, if that.  Fortunately I couldn’t wait to take a photo and view a full frontal prior to loading it on the frame. For some time I stood smiling, admired and congratulated myself, and thinking ahead to the next one  and the changes I would make. It’s not too bad considering the disaster that crossed my mind every time I looked at the block in the past. See anything amiss?

quiltingtreasures, bloghop, halfsquaretrianglequilt, floralquilts, fortheloveofgeese

Well, I didn’t see it until I went back in the house still admiring the photo. My mistakes are always realized only after viewing a  photo and sometime’s the photo isn’t taken before quilting. This was an easy fix since I pieced each block  in quarters. Right?

quiltingtreasures, bloghop, halfsquaretrianglequilt, floralquilts, fortheloveofgeese

Corrected and back outside I went. This time I studied the top with less excitement and noticed the one flower wasn’t the only block that needed turning. The 4 x 4 leaf  section below it also needed rotating. One more time, only one more time am I going to unpick stitches. Any other oops’s will be permanent. To be honest these were an easy fix.

quiltingtreasures, bloghop, halfsquaretrianglequilt, floralquilts, fortheloveofgeese

So with all blocks fixed I loaded it on the frame. There was another oops  that was too late to do anything about. For quilting I chose feathers in the negative space, meandering in the leaves, diamonds in the yellow, spirals in the light and  dark peach.

I love this block so much. It was the first item on my NEW bucket list that has grown since the start of this hop.

tigerlilyquilt, fortheloveofgeese, patchworkquilt, floralquilt

The back of a quilt is always my favorite and the first thing I look it after quilting.

fortheloveofgeese, floralquilts, tigerlilyquilt

The sun was so bright this day that it kind of washed out the true colors of the fabrics. But I love the softer look so there were no further attempts at better photos.

fortheloveofgeese, floralquilts, tigerlilyquilt

Do you have any information on the origin of this block?

Thank you Carla for the inspiration to finally make this block. If you haven’t visited the other blogs during this hop it is not too late. There are a couple of giveaways, links to free patterns and a lot of inspiration.

Now for the links…


    1. For me to say I love making them now says a lot. I’ve now made them in 4 sizes due to the die and trying to come up with more blocks to put with the Tiger Lily for a QAL. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Me too, I have made more hst’s since receiving it than I have made the entire time I have been making quilts. Thank you for stopping by Kathleen

  1. I attempted to look up the block in my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns under “lily” and I didn’t see it in there. Which probably means the name you have for it is one of many names for the block. Sometimes it’s fun to see so many names associated and sometimes it’s a pain! LOL Thank you for sharing a block I had yet to see, and good job on tackling that many HSTs.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately there are no other name variations published in my book for this block. But if you should find info on it I would love for you to share it with me. Over the years I have tried to find more info with no success. It is a pain when there are so many names for blocks and I have tried Lily, Tiger Lily, Stargazer Lily, Easter Lily and many other variations I could think.

  2. Fascinating how each of us is intimidated by a different part of the process. HST were one of the first things I learned how to piece, back in the Jurassic era (I started quilting in the late 1980’s. There was no AccuQuilt then. Although rotary cutters and mats were available. Very few people were quilting by machine. If they did, it was predominately quilt in the ditch. So, it took me years to become a competent FMQ. You just whip the quilting out – quite beautifully and intricately.

    1. Now that I have conquered hst’s I can’t think of anything that intimidates me now. How to quilt usually stumps me but with this one I quilted it like I had a plan. I remember when piecing and quilting by machine was frowned upon. Thank you for the compliments and stopping by.

  3. The Tiger Lily block is so lovely! Catching a goof like that is not easy! I’ve done the same thing, but only found it after quilting and getting the binding finished. I see it every time I pass by, but I don’t think others do.

    1. Isn’t it frustrating? Taking photos before quilting usually reveals these silly mistakes. Chances are, no one else sees your block mistake.

  4. WOW, this is so beautiful. You outdid yourself with that huge block and it is way worth it. Showstopping in fact. Thank you for joining the hop and the great post.

  5. I love your beautiful, soft colors in this quilt. It is a unique block and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful quilt, beautiful fabrics! Just got an Accuquilt cutter recently and am in the process of checking out the dies. Which do you use the most?

    1. I don’t have many and I’m still new to it myself. But I would really recommend the Qube’s, I have the 8 and 12″ block qubes. Mostly i have used the squares and hst dies. They sent me a Storm at Sea die that I absolutely love.

  7. So glad you lost your fear of HST’s! And boy did you jump right into the deep end. ? Your quilt is beautiful and your quilting is outstanding! Love all that back view texture!

    1. Me too, I think I’d be happy with whole cloth quilts, no color. Thank you and I appreciate your stopping by.

  8. Gorgeous quilt, thanks for sharing it and your mistakes. Sometimes I can’t see things when I first look at them either

    1. Same here. I can hang something on the wall and look at it for days. But as soon as I take a photo it pops out. Thank you for stopping vy.

  9. Beautiful quilt and stunning quilting. I think those mistakes really serve to keep us humble! LOL!! It is amazing how much I don’t see, until I take a photo!
    Good idea to do it before we start quilting.

    1. Awe thank you Carol, I am so in love with this finish. Since the AccuQuilt I have been looking for blocks I can use hst’s in.

  10. Hi Denise! Oooh-la-la. What a pretty quilt. The colors are soft, and your quilting really highlights the pattern. I had to really study your photos with and without a mistake. I probably would have never noticed it – although I think we are much more critical of our own work than anyone else is. Great job and fabulous finish. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you. I never would have attempted it previously but am really excited about making another one and soon.

  11. What a beautiful quilt. I didn’t see the mistake until you told it. We’ve all been there. But I’ve learnt that takin a picture and study it well before quilting will save us for much work. Have a nice weekend!

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