Island Batik-AccuQuilt GO! quilt finish


AccuQuilt GO! finish

I am so impressed with this finish.  I cant think of any patchwork quilt I’ve made going together so easily.

The fabrics I chose were pulled from the Island Batik Stash Builders.  

The dark blue for the chain blocks is Island Batikk Marble Storm (see finished quilt for best view of this fabric). The solid white background is also Island Batik.

Last week I shared with you my first experience using the AccuQuilt GO! , you can view that post here.  Before the GO! cutter I avoided hst’s unless they were paper pieced or using hst sheets mainly because I could never make them look right. By the time I finished squaring up the blocks were too small for their intended purpose. Using the GO! there was no need to do any squaring and there are no dog ears. I did cheat a little, after all triangles were cut I applied a dot of Elmers Washable school glue prior to running them under the needle.

Using Aurifil 50wt I chain pieced the glued halves together.

The quilt did not look right. Here is how I started.

You can see my chain block is all wrong. For the sailboat I thought it would look more balanced adding a rectangle to the top and bottom. To avoid additional mishaps I removed the rectangles and pieced the block as it was intended.

This is how I should have made the chain block. What was I thinking?


Yes, I had the whole top complete and when I looked down my stomach hit my toes.  The next 3 days were spent un-stitching the entire quilt, pressing the squares and putting it all back together. In the end it was worth it, this is one of my favorite finishes.

Want to make your own?

Pattern coming to my Etsy shop soon.


                                                                      Hobbs Batting

hobbstuscanycollection, islandbatikambassador, islandbatik, aurifilthread

I was really excited to try the Hobbs Tuscany Silk Blend batting and I wasn’t disappointed.  Hobb’s sent the IB Ambassadors a selection of their batting to try. This is my favorite so far, wait…I think I said that last month too. The way the stitches sink into the fabric and this batting…it just looks so perfect. I’ve never been happier with my quilting, not that I am a veteran LA’er or anything.

The cutting and piecing went so smooth I didn’t want to jinx my run of luck so I stuck with simple quilting. What I call waves.

Afterwards I trimmed around the quilt leaving 1/2″ backing and batting all the way around the top. The reason for doing so, I wanted the dark blue squares around the border to still resemble squares after binding. Not be cut in half  by binding.

For binding  I used the same IB white solid in 2 1/2″ strips cut using the AccuQuilt strip cutter.


AccuQuilt GO!

I  think of myself as an honest individual. If you don’t want an honest answer then I am not the person to ask.  Does this dress make me look fat? Yes, yes it does.

With that said, I love the AccuQuilt GO! Over the years I have tried numerous tools that could make quilting more enjoyable and more productive, only to discover that less is sometimes better. Because I don’t like clutter I generally purchase the essentials and I don’t have rulers in every size available. I guess you could say I am a sewing minimalist.

The main reason I never invested in a fabric cutter is because I always felt the rotary cutter and ruler performed the same task, less is more. That mentality changed when I tried the AccuQuilt Ready Set GO!. Its cut’s are nice and clean, the fabric doesn’t shift and distort between the die and cutting mat like you will see with a rotary cutter. My cut patches were perfect. My arms and hands did not ache from hours of rotary cutting. Or how about that back and neck pain from leaning over your cutting station for hours? Today I would gladly make the purchase.

After stitching the hst units I was a little nervous  and kept thinking what I would say if I was not happy with the finish. Until now everything had gone so smoothly and I was preparing for disappointment. After setting seams with the iron I flipped the dark side over. Gave them a press and  PERFECT!!! No disappointment just perfectly shaped hst’s. It doesn’t get much better, don’t wake me if I’m dreaming.

Words can’t express how much I love using the GO!. Thank you AccuQuilt!!!

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  1. Denise, we’re glad our products made it easy for you to be honest. Good news: you aren’t dreaming! This quilt is just too cute and will so easily grow with the little one who receives it. Thank you for participating in our Baby Quilt Challenge and we cannot wait to see what else you create!

    Happy quilting!

    1. Awe thank you Marissa. I’m constantly trying to think of other designs I can create with it.

  2. Hi Denise! This baby quilt turned out so nicely. I just love the fabrics and the blue/white colors. Perfect, of course, for this subject. Thank you also for the pattern. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Welcome Rosanne. Would you let me know if more detail needs to be added to the pattern? For the free patterns I don’t provide as much info and the is the first I have offered for patchwork.

      1. Hi again! I took a look at the instructions, and I would add only one thing. Where you have 8″ block, I would add ‘finished size’ or something to that effect. Otherwise it is clear to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you. It was frustrating not just because of the time but it went together so easily. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. My only regret is buying the GO! Baby instead of the full-size Accuquilt GO! cutter, because I’ve fallen in love with some of the larger dies that don’t fit in the GO! Baby! I am slowly dragging my mom into quilting with me lately and when I got to the point in my son’s quilt where there wasn’t anything she could help me with anymore, I pulled out the GO! Baby and the 4″ tumbler die that came with it. She had so much fun cutting out tumblers from my scrap bin and trying out different layouts, and the best part is that I didn’t have to stop working on what I was doing to teach her how to do rotary cutting. With perfectly cut tumblers that have little notches to match up, she’ll have no trouble sewing them together on her own AND she’ll get the satisfaction of a successful finish sooner. I wish I’d had a GO! cutter when I was trying to teach my son to quilt!

    1. Sounds like I am fortunate not to have purchased one. I dont know which I would have chosen but like you it wouldn’t have been the right one. Since receiving the GO! been thinking of “like to do” quilts instead of limiting myself to PP designs.

  4. Lovely quilt and that wave quilting is perfect for it! I’m starting my Go! project. Can’t wait to see the results! Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  5. I love your quilt! Thank you for the pattern.
    I seriously considered buying a go cutter, as they are in clearence at my LQS. But I thought that if they are on clearence, they will not have new dies. I have no idea which die I would need now and I don’t have the budget to buy too many upfront, even in clearence.

    1. The last couple of months I have noticed AccuQuilt has sales on their dies often. They also have a giveaway that popped up when I visited to get the link for you. Here’s a link to the Ready Set GO! they sent us, It includes 8 dies and the 2.5″ strip cutter, if you scroll to the bottom and click on the plus beside “included” it lists the dies that are included with this bundle.
      Most likely I would not have purchased the hst die but after using it for this quilt I am sold. Without it those little blocks would still intimidate me. There are so many quilts I have avoided that included hst. I guess it really depends on what shapes you use the most of or the size blocks you make. If i had to recommend just 1 die it would be the strip die but only because that is what I’ve used the most, so far. Except for minis I use 2.5″ strips for my binding.

  6. Lovely – started doing sailboats for my daughter – but had issues with the pieces using a special triangle ruler. I recently added an Accuquilt Go to my growing army of gadgets and for the last few days have been happily making lots of triangles from scraps. I’d tucked the sailboat away some time ago (didn’t get as far as a block!) so thank you for the reminder – and perhaps with the Accuquilt I can actually finish it. I do love your waves – works so beautifully. Thank you again!

    1. I had some pretty funky hst’s and I quit trying to make them without paper. The GO! was a blessing!!!! There will more in my future. Good luck on your sailboat quilt.

    1. I truly love it and regret not purchasing one. Without it, even resewing would have been a nightmare.

  7. I was just like you about the GO! It was hard to justify the purchase when I could cut just as well (not!) with my rotary cutter and ruler. I was truly amazed at how accurate and square my blocks were when sewn using pieces cut with it, and it will definitely change how I cut now. Definitely a product I can recommend!

  8. Love my Go cutter for all the reasons you gave. Your quilt looks good. Sorry for the reverse sewing you had to do but I think the end result was definitely worth it.

    1. Isn’t it great? It definitely makes me want to do more patchwork. Thanks for stopping by.

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