My first t-shirt quilt

My first t-shirt quilt is almost finished.   Having 4 t-shirts with different sized designs I decided an improv quilt was the way to go. 2 of them had designs on both the front and the back and 2 with just the front  design.  It wasn’t as bad as I had imaging. tshirtquilt, gratefuldeadquilt,

The quilt back is a GD flag. I was so careful to measure from the top of the flag down to the design so I could center the flag in the middle.  The only problem, I lined up  the batting to the design line instead of the line 10″ above it.tshirtquilt, gratefuldeadquilt,

The lqs “Dora’s Spinning Wheel” where I purchased the stabilizer suggested I quilt a large meander because, even though the t-shirts would be stabilized they would still flex a little.

Knowing this in advance I decided to use Northcott Banyan Batik to surround the blocks. It has more flex than most fabrics I have used.  Turns out to have been a great choice. Both the T-shirts with stabilizer and the Northcott fabrics stretched about the same. The binding will go on this evening and I’ll share the finish on Thursday.

My catalog quilt is complete with 4″ sleeve and label. When the post office re-opens after lunch I plan to run down and ship it off to Island Batik.

This his has been a very productive month.  The commissioned quilt completed, the IB quilt completed, this almost finished quilt and it’s not even Nov 1st.  Can’t forget the small panel I quilted and bound for a friend of my niece.

What I learned

T-shirt quilts are easy

Northcott Banyan Batiks are a great to pair with t-shirt for a quilt.

I sure make a huge mess when I have 3 projects going at once.

Come back every Thursday and share your WIP and finishes in Put your foot down.

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  1. You don’t often hear people say that t-shirt quilts are easy! But with the right stabilizer, they are quite doable. Congratulations! It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Awesome productive month! You did so well on your first t-shirt quilt! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. Thank you, I worried for nothing. If I ever make another one I will make sure the designs are closer to the same size.

  3. Hi Denise! Yay! I’m so glad you found t-shirt quilts to be easy. I wasn’t able to do a meander on mine – it was too thick to fit under my FMQ foot and slide around nicely. Maybe I used too thick of a batting. Anyway, it sure looks nice! YAY to a productive October. What’s the next project up for you? I can’t wait to see. ~smile~ Roseanne

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