New Mystery Quilt Sew Along

Ready for a new Sew Along? For quite some time I have been playing with blocks and layouts for a new Sew Along. Here is the info.

flower patch sew along logo

Flower Patch SAL

As the name implies this will be floral themed. You can make a 2 color quilt such as red and white, blue and white, green and white etc. You can even make it completely scrappy if you like. The only recommendation/necessity is a couple shades of red or a couple shades of blue or both, minimal amount.

Blocks and Linkup

There will be a total of sixteen 16″ blocks that will be paper pieced with a finished quilt size 70″ x 70″. Sorry, I cannot give cutting and piecing instructions for patchwork as I do not have time to do both.

Every two weeks a new block’s templates will be released and once a month there will be a linkup to share your 2 finished blocks. To qualify for prizes at the end of the Flower Patch Sew Along you must link up both blocks for the previous month each month and the finished flimsy, no exceptions.

Instructions for linking up will be provided. You DO NOT have to have a blog to link up but you will have to enter your email address and upload the photo.

If you are new to paper piecing there will also be a tutorial and you can always send me a message if you have questions.

Flower Patch SAL layout

quilt layout

The white patches shown in the photo above are solid background blocks. You are always welcome to make it your own by adding an actual block in its place.

SAL Schedule

September 1st I will release fabric requirements. You will need yardage in 3 shades of your chosen color theme, a light, medium and dark. So begin the brainstorming. Also the suggested red or blue above along with a background fabric. If you have red and blue scrap then you will only need to purchase yardage in 4 colors.

If you choose to make it completely scrappy you will still need a background fabric, a color with a high contrast to the other fabric.

Since Christmas and New Years fall a week apart I’ll be as creative with the block/s during that 2 week period as I can to require minimal sewing.


Shipping to US and Canada only. Sorry, shipping is crazy within the US and Canada is double + that price. International pricing is higher yet.

US and Canada winners. The number of winners is dependent on the number of sponsors.

1 winner-Hobbs Batting

1 winner- fq bundle

1 winner-winners choice of 1 pattern from my Etsy Shop

Awaiting confirmation from possible additional sponsors.

For international participants, 2 winners will be chosen. Winners choice of any pdf pattern in my Etsy Shop.

Just in case there are not enough participants who have followed along and linked up each month prizes will be divided as equally as possible.

Block downloads and fine print

Following the schedule I provide Sept 1st blocks will be released for free, see important note below. Copyright applies.

Due to click bait and others not understanding “free” does not mean free to share anothers pattern as your own on your website or distribute it in any way.
There is a yearly domain and hosting fee I pay so I can provide content and have a platform to promote my patterns. There is a lot of time involved in creating patterns so we can enjoy our favorite past time.
For these reasons a minimal fee will now be charged on block and quilt patterns that were once “free” in my Payhip shop.
Sew Alongs: free blocks will only remain free for the month in which they are to be made. After which there will be a charge. The Sew along blocks will be available for a longer period of time in my For the Love of Geese facebook group. You can find that by clicking the link in the right side bar. Please understand I am not trying to take advantage, only trying to prevent others from taking advantage of my work.


  1. I missed the beginning blocks, but I’m following along and downloading so I can try and make it later in the year after my quilting studio remodel is finished. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing quilt. Thank you!

    1. Great. All patterns are available for download in my Facebook group. Click on the FB link from the right side bar to join.

    1. Most certainly, yes. At the end, if chosen as a winner you would only qualify for a pdf quilt pattern since the I cannot ship international.

  2. I would love to be able to do this QA as I love PP. However, I currently don’t have a working sewing machine plus I am somewhat incapacitated with a shoulder and rotator cuff injury. I can do small piece hand sewing & cross-stitching. Do you think the paper piecing could be done by hand?

    1. So sorry to hear that, upper body injuries are the worst because they provide so much balance. Honestly I cannot say either way on the hand sewing because I’ve never been much for hand piecing. You are more than welcome to give it a try and if unsuccessful you can still download the blocks for later.

  3. Hi Denise! This sounds like a fun sew along. I just might join in – if I can master the paper piecing block each month. Sixteen inch blocks – that will be a nice sized quilt when it’s complete. I look forward to hearing more about this. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. That would be wonderful. With some of the quilts I have seen you and Sue make I have no doubt that you can accomplish this. You will be amazed at how perfect your points are.

    1. I do too and have wanted to make a blue and white quilt for some time. Hope you make the exception.

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