No curved piecing flying geese

paper pieced quilt flying geese quilt
Paper pieced For the love of geese quilt

No curved piecing, no Y seams and it’s paper pieced . It finishes at 48″ x 48″, pre quilting. Use it as wall art, a baby quilt or expand the top with your favorite blocks to make a bed sized quilt. The quilt in the photo was pieced using 2 1/2″ batik strips  and muslin yardage as the sky/background fabric. You can precut the strips for patch sizes that you are comfortable with or use as I did by turning the strips for best fit on the next patch. There was very little waste by piecing this way. Recommended strip widths for background fabric are included in the directions for piecing with strips. Keep in mind, fabric yardage and the numbers of strips for the geese are estimates. The estimates were calculated from the 3 tops I completed, with the greatest number of fabric from each top being noted as the recommended yardage. If you are not a confident paper piecer with a high comfort level for turning and you will cut the strips prior to piecing you may need to purchase additional fabric.

The pattern includes full sized templates but it will require 33 pieces of 8.5″ x 14″ legal size paper for full sized border templates (1 file) along with 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper for the remainder of the pattern. If you do not want the additional expense of or do not have legal size on hand, you will only need to print file #2.. The border pieces will need to be taped together and cut apart if you are NOT using size 8.5″ x 14″ paper

One of the tops I pieced together I’ve left untouched, I plan to add blocks to make it a full sized quilt. When I can’t say for sure. Perhaps when I am done with my current project. I’m sure if you are reading this and seeing the same quilt again you’re thinking, “gee I hope she gets over this quilt soon”.  If you have ever had or currently have a blog its a little easier to understand. Getting your blog “out there” , making it visible on the web has proven not to be an easy task but I am getting there.  More of my quilt photos are showing up in image searches so I must be doing something correctly. From personal experience I also know that when I come across a blog I don’t always read back through previous posts. As my comfort level grows I’m certain my content will also.

And then there’s the new domain name. Lets not forget Norton 🙁 It is so difficult to raise their attention to the fact that does not allow code to be manipulated. Therefor I cannot add their requested files to have my site scanned and approved. When my site comes up in a google search it had the dreaded shaded Norton logo. If you noticed the post titled Norton, that is me trying to get them to scan me. Wish me luck, its been 2 days now.


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