Patchwork floral quilt

Work has stalled on my floral quilt for the Island Batik April Challenge. To add a border or not? The fabric are so glorious, Garden Gems designed by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker’s Studio 180.

pgarden gems by island batik
patchwork floral quilt

In other news

We had visitors Saturday, my son and his family. They were working on a lawnmower and decided the truck was a good place to rest. I’m pretty sure at some point Wesley will be climbing all over this truck.

This is Wesley’s big brother Elliott. We played cars and watched quietly hoping the Jenny Wren’s that nest in our wood lean to would show themselves.


  1. What a pretty and cheerful floral quilt. I never can decide on borders so I am no help. I think it would look good with or without borders. See? No help at all. What handsome boys you have there!

    1. Lol, me too but I did add a yellow border and it pulled it all together. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Thank you. I’ve had a lot of favorite collections the last couple of years and this is one of them. Stop by today and see the finish.

  2. The flower quilt is lovely! I do think it would look nice with some kind of border. Perhaps a narrow border using the background fabric then framed with another fabric. Maybe green to represent leaves since the center is flowers. Happy stitching!

    1. Green would have been my first choice for a border but I didn’t have enough of any one green fabric. So I settled on yellow.

  3. Love seeing a many colored rainbow quilt as I am currently searching for inspiration for a Summer project. But what really make my heart skip a beat was the truck. I had an old GMC van very similar to it in my 20’s and miss it every day! Guess I am just an old hippie at heart.

    1. Then you should definitely check out the Island Batik blog hop running the month of May. If you like the colors in this quilt you will equally like the colors in my May finish. Aah the old truck, it’s a 1950 Chevy 3800/1 ton truck with a long bed. It starts right up with its original motor but we cant seem to find brake pads for it, only 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton available.

    1. It’s definitely a great collection. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll be back this coming Monday.

  4. Wow such a pretty quilt so far! Can’t wait to see how the borders come out. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  5. I love your floral top. I think I might use the same fabric as the little triangles in the smashing for a small border and binding. It’s going to be beautiful when totally done.

    1. Unfortunately the fabric I received was 10″ squares so there isn’t any remaining to use. Just red and yellow yardage.

    1. Me too. After staring at the photo I see some blocks I should have rearranged but it’s too late now as its on the frame.

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