Progress on Xando

Progress came to a halt last week on Xando.  It’s  rare when my every evening and all weekend is not spent sewing. It has been quite the eventful week since my last post.

One of my work customers announced he has a baby boy due any day. Had it really  been that long since we spoke about something other than business?  Anyway, my conundrum is if I want to split up the finished blocks to construct 2 smaller quilts or make something else for him.  Why not just finish the quilt and gift it right? Is it being greedy  keeping the first quilt made from a pattern you designed?

My son and only child also announced he is getting married. I have to admit the couple evenings spent with him and my soon to be daughter in law and her son were not distracted by thoughts of sewing.

As for the weekend, we had company from Arkansas. It was nice  having the company but I felt extremely guilty for wanting a finished top to share yesterday. Not to mention I wanted to make a trick or trick bag for the soon to be grandson.

Since there is no finish I thought I would share a photo of the “O” block for Xando. This quilt has created so much anxiety over, “will it finish the way I hope”? We’ll see very soon.

My sewing room dilemma. Have any suggestions?

Bye for now

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  1. So exciting! I’m so happy for you. Meanwhile, you’ll get back to sewing soon. Xando is coming along wonderfully. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

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