Put your foot down #106

Put your foot down is a weekly linky party to share your WIP’s and finishes, and hopefully make new friends along the way.

Welcome, I invite you to stop in every Thursday and linkup your fabric arts.

whats under my foot quilt linky party

Thank you to all those who linked up last week, I look forward to seeing what you share today.

Patchwork and Paper Piecing

This week I have 3 projects in the works, maybe a first for me. Hanging from the curtain rod in front of my design wall is the Tree of Life quilt with a flying geese border that’s waiting for an additional border. The borders are sewn on now but the quilt is clipped out of the way for the work behind it so there is no photo yet.

All of the fabrics in this quilt are from the Island Batik Foundations Collection. This collection is available throughout the year and consists of blenders, neutrals, solids and basics.

The tree and background are all paper pieced, the flying geese are patchwork cut using the 6″ flying geese die from AccuQuilt.

tree of life

Patchwork and Applique

Next I have the commissioned quilt that I am working on. It will have applique dinosaurs cut from the AccuQuilt dinosaur die. A few more blocks to make then fuse/sew the dino’s on. These fabrics are also from the Island Batik Foundations Collection.

The patchwork pieces were cut using various dies from AccuQuilt.

dinosaur quilt

Patchwork, Applique and Paper Piecing

Next the Island Batik “It’s Never Too Early” July Challenge is currently loaded on the quilt frame. Another Christmas in July project. I’d hoped to have it completed for today but that isn’t going to happen.

Funny, since becoming an Island Batik Ambassador I rarely use or purchase anything else. New self set deadline is Monday.

wreath bow


Meet Loki, my new 8 week old sewing companion. Don’t let the photo fool you on his size as he is only 22 ounces, less than a pound and a half. I’ve seen rats bigger than he is.

your shares quilt linky party

Ann-Marie of Stories From The Sewing Room shared her newly finished donation quilt.

I love flying geese in every shape and color. Love these scrappy geese from Viridian’s Blog post.

whats under your foot quilt linky party
put your foot down quilt linky party

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    • Denise

      Me too. I like staying busy but am so relieved when caught up, soon.

  1. The flying geese border looks very nice on your tree of life, great idea!

    • Denise

      Thanks. I’ve been playing with fabric dies and hope to get a floral border on soon.

  2. Melva Nolan

    You batik tree of life quilt is beautiful! No wonder you only use batik fabrics now 😉

    • Denise

      Thank you. For a long time I rarely used anything but solids and boy was I missing out on the colors.

  3. Hi Denise, those are all wonderful projects on the go. Looking forward to seeing them completed! Good luck and take care.

    • Denise

      Thank you, easing Loki into the all the mechanical sounds. Today he wasn’t afraid of and slept through the longarm. Yay! But he doesn’t like the stand alone bobbin winder.

    • Denise

      He has made the grieving easier, I picked him up on Emzo’s bday.

  4. Loki is darling, what breed is he. We have a 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier, we named her Zoey. We got her at 8 weeks as well. Like Loki she had feet we knew she would grow into. In just 3 months she has gone from barely 3 pounds to almost 6. She will probably weight between 7 and 8 once fully grown. So much fun.

    • Denise

      He is a Yorkie also. He is doing so good with potty training. While I work he is blocked in my office with a gate and if he needs to go out he runs to the gate. If we are out in the house he will either run to the door or use the potty pad. Never thought I would do the potty pad thing but I think it will help to transition to outside, it working so far.

  5. Hi,
    Really like all your quilts…really like the one that will get dino’s. Your
    puppy is a cutie…have a great day!

    • Denise

      Thank you, the dino quilt will be for a 4-5 yo little boy. Grandpa likes it so far and said he would have been happy with something thrown together. Always nice when you can surprise someone.

  6. Chantal L.

    Love your projects. Looking forward to see how the dinos will work with the quilt.
    Haha! Maybe you’ve seen rats bigger than him but none as cute I’m sure. He’s adorable. Give him a big hug for me please. Enjoy! ;^)

    • Denise

      That is so true. Hoping to have 2 projects near completion on Monday, we will see.

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