Put your foot down #11

Welcome to Put your foot down #11.  It’s been a busy week around my sewing room and the flying geese below are all I can share for the Island Batik/AccuQuilt September challenge. The fabric is from the Islander Collection and I really really loved this finish despite the fact it has no solids.

For this finish and the November blog hop finish I stepped out of my comfort zone. To me, background fabric is like a painters canvas and the splashes of color are for the design which is not the case as you can see below.  I can’t wait to share these two finishes with you.

What’s under my foot?

The flying geese above, that quilt is in binding stage. The quilt in the featured photo is a pp pattern called Woven Double Wedding Ring by Paper Panache. It was the only top in my UFO tote and one of, if not the first quilt I ever paper pieced. It has been screaming to be quilted from the bottom of my tote for better than 3 years. Seeing the little piecing mistakes I made  has confirmed how much I have grown in paper piecing.  Despite my lack of knowledge in pp I have to forgive my mistakes and pat myself on the back for  attempting such a large project as a beginner. In addition to effort, for expanding it. The pattern is for a 40″ x 40″ quilt and if I’m not mistaken this one finishes at 84″ square. You can find the pattern here.  Isn’t it cool?

So, Woven Double Wedding Ring is waiting for binding, the  November Island Batik Challenge quilt is waiting to be quilted, and in the works is a commissioned quilt. Which I rarely do. Some may find it offensive and it has me debating if I should share it here.

Leave a comment stating your view. Would you post a quilt on your blog that may offend your readers or would you assume they are all adults and see it as it is, a work of art?

fortheloveofgeese, paperpiecedquilts

fortheloveofgeese, paperpiecedquilts

Freedom  pattern is now available in my Etsy shop. Coupon code FREEDOM for 10% off

heartbeatofamerica, 1950chevyonetontruck, patrioticquilt, quiltsofvalor, flyinggeesequilt, paperpiecedquilt

Shares from last week

Nancy over at Grace and Peace shared her Wallflower quilt, she provides a pattern link if you’re interested. This quilt really speaks to me although I cant say if its the gray background or quilting.

heARTS Creations shared this glorious strip quilt. Look, its sun kissed so how could I not share her finish.

Quilty Happenings

August 5th-

Island Batik August Challenge quilt reveal. There will be a giveaway. Enter to win  a pdf of my Starlight Pattern simply by leaving a comment on the post. Not this post… the Aug 5th post. Although I do welcome comments here too. Since I’m old school and still learning website creation, html codes and linky parties the winner will be chosen…by drawing. I’ll place the names in a bowl and draw one.

What’s under your foot?

The rules are simple. Any current fiber art project is welcome, just please link back to my page (or grab the html code below) somewhere in your post.

Visit as many links as time allows. Most of all, have fun and make new friends. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for weekly linkies I participate in.


    1. Thank you. There are a lot of mistakes trust me. But I was certainly proud of myself when I finished it.

  1. Great job getting your Woven Double Wedding Ring quilted! That is beautiful. And thank you for featuring my Wallflower quilt. I almost used a light grey background since I had it at home. But decided I should go out and buy the dark grey.

    1. The light grey would have been stunning too. Thank you for your kind word, my paper piecing has improved so much since this quilt.

  2. Your Woven Double Wedding Ring is gorgeous! I’ll enjoy watching the Island Batik grow. As for the commissioned piece that some might find offensive, I would hope we could all be adults about it. I figure if it’s not ones cup of tea, then they should just skip it.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and opinion on my new endeavor. Like I told someone else, very little offends me but that is not the society we live in.

  3. Hi Denise! I love that double wedding ring quilt – and your first PP project is just amazing. I can’t really imagine being offended by a quilt to tell you the truth. I may not agree with fabric choices, patterns or sometimes even quilting but never have been offended. If a customer asked you to create it, then it’s worth sharing in my book. But do whatever floats your boat. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. First, thank you for the share! Having been an IB ambassador for 2 years, I know how busy you are! Offensive? I have seen quilts with very strong political statements, and one quilt that was explicit. Although I may have disagreed with them, I was not offended but instead looked at the quilting expertise it took to make them. I’m sure you have a lot of effort in that quilt and hope you do share it!

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome. Many hours are wrapped up the design and I’ve not started it pp it. As soon as I bind the 2 quilts waiting and quilt/bind the 3rd I plan on starting it.

  5. I can’t imagine being offended by a quilt (and I have seen some doozies.) But then, to be fair, I am good at going “If that is what they want, it isn’t for me to say. I just don’t care for it myself.”
    I really think people have gotten to a point of being offended at everything they don’t agree with 100%. I believe that is absurd.

    1. 100 % agree with you. Very little offends me, quilts, statues, flags, language, there’s more important things to worry about.

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